a review of the new game

a review of the new game
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The modern gambling industry offers gamblers a large number of different gambling entertainments every year.

One of the novelties in the world of online gambling is the Plinko game. This game has become widespread and popular among a large number of gamblers.

What is this game?

Plinko is a slot machine from BGAMING that was launched on June 19, 2019. The gameplay is simple: balls are launched from the top of the pyramid. Depending on which cells they hit, the player’s balance changes. The Plinko slot has no free spins and bonuses, but it offers RTP of up to 99%, and the maximum win per round is 1000 bets.

The idea of the slot machine was taken from a popular American television game show. In the program, participants won cash prizes for guessing the prices of goods. The best plinko casino sites uses a similar principle of the gameplay.

The plot of the slot is simple. Gamblers choose the height of the pyramid and the degree of risk. The gambler launches the ball from the top of the playing field. The winnings depend on the cell where the ball is placed. The farther the hole is from the center, the bigger the win.

In a casino, a slot machine is accompanied by a dynamic melody. When the balls overcome obstacles, you can hear the sound: “plink-plink”. That is why the game got its name. If the user is bothered by the melody, he or she has the right to turn it off.

To the right of the pyramid, the slot has a Lines bar. In the casino, the player personally sets the number of rows of lines.

There are control buttons under the pyramid:

High – a high level of risk.

  • Normal – medium risk.

  • Low – low level of risk.

  • Min – the minimum bet.

  • The “-” sign reduces the bet value.

  • Max – the maximum bet.

  • The “+” sign increases the bet.

  • Play – button to start the game.

  • Manual – manual start of the round.

  • Auto – automatic mode.

The “-” and “+” signs set the number of rounds from 10 to 1000. The player’s total balance is also displayed at the bottom right.

Game strategy

The main task of the player during the gameplay in the Plinko slot is to control the size of the bankroll. For this purpose, it is necessary to place minimum bets until the variance changes in favor of the player. Users have the opportunity to control the degree of risk and the amount of payouts in the slot on their own.

Gamblers have the opportunity to choose:

  • the level of risk in the game;

  • the number of rows.

The functionality of the slot allows players to independently control the degree of volatility of payments during the game. With large payouts and large losses, controlling the size of the bankroll becomes of paramount importance for users.

Players can choose three levels of risk at their own discretion – low, medium, and high. At the request of players, the number of rows in the pyramid can be changed. This indicator can vary from 8 to 16. The ability to change the number of rows in the pyramid allows you to radically change the mechanics of the slot. The more rows a player chooses, the more pins appear on the playing field, which leads to an increase in the probability of changing the direction when the ball falls.

What are the analogues?

Currently, there are no direct analogues of the Plinko game, but slot machines with similar mechanics have been developed. Such slots can be considered to some extent analogous to this game.

Among such gambling slots, there are several games:

  • Dice Mage.

  • Beach Bubbles: Chapter 1.

  • Aqua Bubble 2.

  • Bubble Bash!

  • Bubble Bobble.

Dice Mage is an isometric strategy game with elements of a fantasy game, an indie game from Tapinator. Beach Bubbles: Chapter 1 is a third-person arcade game with a touch of action and anime or manga games from Riddlersoft and Team Shuriken. Aqua Bubble 2 is a top-down arcade game with action and puzzle elements from Realore Studios. Bubble Bash! is a third-person arcade game with a mix of action and strategy from Gameloft Bulgaria EOOD and Gameloft Divertissements Inc. Bubble Bobble is a third-person arcade game with action and platforming elements from Taito Corporation.

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