5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Casinos Are Better Than Traditional Casinos

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Cryptocurrency is among the biggest trends in recent years in the world of gambling. Read this article to learn how Bitcoin casinos are better than traditional ones.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Years since it’s appeared on the market and it is still on a pedestal, being one of the most valued among thousands of new coins. Not so long ago, cryptocurrency was also included in the gambling world. Players from all around the world, including Bristol, started placing their wagers and withdrawing their winnings in Bitcoin. For these players, traditional casinos became a thing of the past.

Bitcoin in Casinos: How You Can Use It
To help you gain a better understanding of how this works – and where you create, we selected the best tips and casinos in a crypto gambling guide. At this platform, you’ll find all pertinent information about gambling with Bitcoin and other available cryptocurrencies. Here you can find tips and tricks, information on casinos that offer this as an option, as well as information on the perks you can enjoy if you use BTC.

What does this mean?

In the technological era we live in today, Bitcoin has made a very strong mark. People today use it to place bets, make purchases, and carry out anonymous, safe transactions. They also use it to increase their wealth and gain access to potential advantages in the gambling industry.

While you might be able to find other digital currencies at an online casino where you play, Bitcoin is the most frequently offered coin. When casinos realized how interested players are in using this method to gamble, they created unique, enticing offers given solely to crypto users. Today, you can use Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw, but also to access crypto-exclusive games, poker tables, and tournaments at casinos.

As we mentioned, chances are you’ll find other digital coins offered as an option at the better-ranked casinos today. Bitcoin is the most present, followed by Ethereum and Litecoin. Due to the increased popularity of the first, Ethereum gambling is becoming almost as popular as betting with Bitcoin these days.

The Top 5 Reasons to Play at a Bitcoin Casino
Now that you know what your options are at Bitcoin casinos, let’s take a look at the main advantages of playing in them.

Security and Safety
When you use a traditional casino, you are using methods for payment that require your banking information such as your card details. You also need to provide other confidential data such as your email or phone number, which can be very tricky. Unless you gamble at a 100% secure casino that can guarantee your information is safe, there’s a high risk for security breaches. Bitcoin casinos eliminate these risks.

Gambling with cryptocurrency means that you won’t provide banking details. To deposit money with digital currencies, you just need your crypto wallet address.

Exclusive, Lucrative Offers
One of the best things about gambling with crypto is that you can enjoy a variety of perks that aren’t available to other players. These include:

  • Crypto bonuses. Many casinos today have different bonuses for crypto players. You can find an exclusive crypto welcome bonus to use, meaning that you’ll get your reward in coins instead of free spins or credits. Crypto bonuses are usually very generous and can go from 1 BTC to 5 BTC – or even more. Since the value of this coin is really high, this equals thousands of dollars, something that you can hardly find in traditional casinos.
  • Access to games. Gamblers who use cryptocurrencies often get exclusive access to games and tournaments. Other players cannot gamble with these games. In fact, some developers have created special games for crypto users only. The only way to play these games is if you use BTC or another accepted digital coin. In casinos today, you can find all kinds of exclusive BTC games including slot machines, jackpot slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. You can even play live games for more excitement and an immersive experience.

Bitcoin is dependent on the laws of supply and demand, which means that its value grows and decreases based on these factors. Right now, BTC’s price is soaring high. It still comes in the list of priciest cryptocurrencies on the market.

As such, gambling with this coin is very lucrative to players. If you win 5 BTC today, their value can increase in a day, week, or month from now. So, you’ll basically be winning much more.

Let’s stop to consider how much it cost in the beginning. Its value was less than a dollar, a number that grew to thousands of dollars in just a few years.

Simplicity of Use
You can forget about those long card numbers and declined transactions because you wrote one digit wrong. You can forget about approvals with your bank or waiting for messages on your phone to confirm a transaction. Bitcoin transactions are much simpler. Not only can you play without security risks, but you can simply connect your crypto wallet to your casino and make instant deposits.

Speedy Withdrawals
Withdrawals with cryptocurrencies are almost instant these days. As soon as the casino approves your withdrawal request, you can get the coins into your digital wallet instantly. This comes free of major fees and is now considered the fastest method for getting your payout at online casinos.

With Bitcoin casinos, you can forget about bank processes and lengthy waiting times. Withdrawing to your credit card, for example, can take up to 5 business days depending on your bank. If you withdraw to your electronic wallet, you’ll still need to wait to transfer the funds to your card or bank account. BTC is instant, free of fees, and highly convenient.