Your guide to casino jargon

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Your guide to casino jargon
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Whether you play casino games online or at your local land-based venue, there can be lots of terms used by both players and dealers alike, that sound like complete jargon – if you haven’t read our guide, that is.

Read on to brush up on your knowledge and start sounding like a casino lingo pro in no time!

All-in – This is a betting action where a player wagers all their remaining chips.

Anchor – Also known as third base, this is the position nearest the dealer’s right, and therefore the last person to play their hand before the dealer plays theirs.

Ante – A term most commonly used in Poker; ante is a mandatory stake required from each player in order for the cards to be dealt.

Bankroll – Your bankroll is made up of the money you’ve set aside for casino gaming.

Betting limit – This is the minimum and maximum amount you can bet.

Bluff – Essentially, bluffing is to pretend you have a strong hand to get other Poker players to fold, when in fact, your hand is weak and you have little chance of winning.

Bust – You go bust in Blackjack if your hand is worth more than 21 – meaning you automatically lose.

Cashback – This is a refund that’s credited to your online casino account based on a percentage of your gaming loses.

Cold – Generally used when playing land-based or online Slots games, the term cold is used to describe a machine that isn’t perceived to be paying out much.

Deposit bonus – A deposit bonus is a promotion offered to eligible players. You’ll receive a percentage of your deposit as additional funds to play with.

En Prison – A rule commonly found In French Roulette, EnPrison gives you a second chance of making an even-money bet that lost to a zero or double zero outcome.

Free spins – Found when playing Slots, free spins can be won or gifted and allow you to spin the reels without wagering any additional cash.

House – Another term for the casino.

Insurance – This is a side bet that can be placed during a game of Blackjack. It’s a wager on the fact the dealer will have a natural (Blackjack), and is offered when their up card is an Ace.

Multiplier – A multiplier can provide you with additional wins. For example, a 2x multiplier will double your win.

Progressive jackpot – Used to describe a jackpot game that grows larger over time, continuing to grow based on a percentage of players’ bets placed on a network of games, until it’s won.

RNG – Stands for Random Number Generator. This is computer software that’s used in many online casino games and slot machines to keep the outcome unpredictable and fair.

Shark – A nickname often given to expert card players who are doing well in Poker games.

Variance – Also known as volatility, this is used to describe how likely a win is going to occur on particular games. A game with high volatility is likely to payout big wins, but rarely, and a game with low volatility typically pays out smaller wins but more frequently.

Wager – Another word for bet.

Now you have an insight into just some of the key casino terms, we hope they no longer sound like jargon, and you can add them to your gaming vocabulary!

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