Why Does Music Feature So Frequently on Online Slots?

Why Does Music Feature So Frequently on Online Slots?
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In our ever more digital world, online slot games continue to increase in popularity every year. The convenience of enjoying the thrill of the casino anywhere, anytime, on any personal device, makes these games appealing to many of us.

As gameplay gets smoother and features more advanced, one often overlooked, but vital element of these games is their soundtrack. Music can enhance every part of our lives, and the world of online slots is no different.

Music has been integral to both physical casinos and computer games since their creation. Its power to build an atmosphere and absorb players into their experience is complete and unquestioned.

Adding sound to computer games began with the immediately recognisable blips of Pong before coming into its own in the eighties. Rally X in 1980 and Streets of Rage in 1989 offered significant leaps, but they were still prehistoric in comparison to today’s offerings.

The lines blurred even more in the nineties and noughties when game makers began releasing full soundtracks from their products to buy separately. Final Fantasy VI (1994). Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (2000), and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) remain much-loved albums today.

In the 21st century, composing for games is an important part of the music industry with artists dedicating themselves to digital products. So too is the world of popstar endorsements and the seamless integration of games with artists, something particularly true in online slots.

Why is music so popular in online slot games and how does it improve the experience for players?

● Creating an immersive experience

Music can enhance any daily activity by helping to immerse all the senses and absorb you into the moment. This effect has been shown to be particularly satisfying when performing repetitive tasks.

Even in today's world of dynamic gameplay and imaginative bonus options, slots remain, at their core, a joy of repeated action. Adding music to the mix assists in creating that pleasurable state in which a player can get lost in time.

● Increasing excitement

We’ve all experienced the boost a well-chosen soundtrack adds to the excitement of a movie such as James Bond or Ocean’s Eleven. The same can be said for when you’re the one diving into the fast-paced world of a casino.

It’s no different online, and slot makers have learned the importance of adding the right sounds to their games. What could enhance the play more than a catchy rhythm rising in tempo as tension builds and releasing a bouncing riff at the moment of excitement?

● Providing synergy

In the early days, slots could be overlaid with musical styles to fit their general theme. Haunting strains to go with a ghosts and graveyard game; fairground sounds for carnivals and clowns; disco beats for disco themes.

As things became more advanced, huge artists started getting on board to have their brand put into game form. Dolly Parton famously built her own line of casino games with video clips, bonus games, and access to her greatest hits.

The ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson put his name to a game featuring iconic images such as his white glove and Smooth Criminal character. Heavy metal band Motorhead brought rock sounds and their Ace of Spades motif to the world of online slots.

Britney Spears, Elton John, Guns N’ Roses, The Monkeys, Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones, and ZZ Top have all jumped on board. With dozens of new slots being constantly created, the scope for tying together your favourite game with your favourite band is endless.

● Sonic souvenirs

There are even possibilities for those who want to take a part of their online slot experience with them to other sections of life. Your favourite slot theme, whether it be from an established artist or crafted especially for the game, can now be downloaded.

Many slot providers allow free downloads to smartphones in MP3 format for Android or iOS. Players who are particularly fond of a slot melody or affiliated song can then turn it into their ringtone.

● Choice of sounds

The wide and varied world of online slot games is all about choice. Today’s players can choose themes, styles, features, and, of course, music.

It’s not always even necessary to change games to change the soundtrack. Many games now offer a selection of sound themes and background music, allowing the player to design their own experience.

● Familiarity and comfort

One of the most basic, but significant, benefits of music in slots is putting the player at ease. Music has an incredible power to affect moods and make people feel at home.

The option to perfectly balance excitement and relaxation has never been so readily available. Players can now combine the enjoyable tension of an hour of slots with the relaxing comfort of their favourite music

● Physical science

And all this is without mentioning the proven benefits of music on its own. Music can boost brain power or help repair damage, it can improve memory, strengthen the immune system, and protect against seizures, amongst many more things.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why the addition of music to online slot games has been so popular. The enhancement it adds to the playing experience and opportunities to artists and composers make the two elements perfect companions.

The increasing variety of musical themes and artists linked to slot games means players no longer only have control over when, where and how they play. They can now choose the mood too!