What You Need To Know About Free Spins

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What You Need To Know About Free Spins
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It sounds great, doesn't it? An online casino is offering you free spins which you can actually win with. Slots are far and away the most popular casino games and a lot of players find the offer of free spins very enticing. They are the most popular of all of the bonuses offered by online casinos.

But are they all that they are cracked up to be? Before you start looking for free spins casinos, you need to know the different types of free spins available as well as the wagering requirements that are associated with them.

So, what are Free Spins exactly?

If you see a free spins casino bonus then it means that you will be able to spin the reels of a popular slot machine without having to place a bet or pay in any way. Another way to access free spins is to play a slot game that has bonus features. When you trigger the bonus round, free spins are often included here.When free spins are offered as a promotional offer by an online casino, you will usually be assigned a set number of free spins on a slot machine that the casino designates. In very rare cases, you can choose to use the free spins on a slot game of your choosing.Although the sins are free with these promotional bonuses and can result in you winning, you need to know that there are always terns and conditions associated. A lot of free spin promotional bonuses will require that you claim your spins in a specified time period.

The Different Types of Free Spin Offers

It will not be too difficult for you to find free spin offers as there are many online casinos with these offers. Sometimes there are literally thousands of free spin offers available. You need to know the different types of free spin offers so that you can make the right decision about them. All of these different types of free spin bonuses should provide you with the opportunity to win real money when you spin those reels. Here are the most common types of free spin bonuses that you are likely to encounter:

Free Spins with No Deposit

A lot of casino players like this kind of free spin promotion the best. The reason that it is so popular is because you do not have to make a deposit with the casino in order to play your free spins. You will usually be entitled to a small number of spins for free and more often than not the online casino will specify the slot machine that you have to use.

Free Spins with a Deposit

This is the complete opposite of the no deposit free spins. You are only permitted to claim your free spins once you have made a deposit with the online casino. One of the major advantages of free spins associated with a deposit is that they tend to have far less wagering restrictions placed on them than the no deposit free spins do.

Free Spins without Wagers

This is a fairly new free spins concept and it means that there are no wagering requirements associated with your free spins promotional bonus. Players really like free spins that do not have any wagering requirements attached to them. It will not be easy to find free spins that are wager free as very few online casinos like this concept for obvious reasons.

Free Spins for New Players

The online casino space is very competitive and often there will be rewards of free spins for new players. It is rare to find these free spins offered without the need for a deposit these days as this was an abused feature in the past. A lot of new players would sign up for an online casino just for the free spins and then never come back.

Free Spins Wagering Requirements

Most of the time there will be wagering requirements with promotional free spins. This means that if you win on your free spins (which is very likely) you will need to place wagers on the same slot or even other games in the casino to obtain your winnings.

Let's look at an example. Often you will see an online casino offering 50 free spins as a promotion. This has a value of $5 to the player as each spin is worth 10 cents. A casino might associate over 30 wagering requirements on these free spins in order for you to collect any winnings.Most of the time the wagering requirements are based on the amount that you win with your free spins. So, for example, if you won $10 with the free spins then you will have to place over 30 wagers of $10 to claim your $10. Of course, you may win more with your wagers but you could also lose as well.Always bear in mind that no online casino really gives anything away for free. They are in the business to make money and they want you to become a player and gamble with them. You need to understand all of the terms and conditions associated with free spins before you use them.

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