We take a look at Crytpo, NFTs, VR, and AI in online gambling

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The world market for online gambling is expected to reach US$231 billion in 2021. SlotsMillions VR Casino was launched in 2015. It was available only through developer kits and it took a high-end PC. Statista reports that more than a million people were employed in the industry last year.

Today you can get a high-quality stand-alone headset for as little as $249. Immersed Agent and vSpatial are the two best ‘work’ apps to use at this point. ICE Poker is a complicated play-to-earn poker game that involves “earning wearables” like jackets, slacks, and sunglasses and cashing them out. Last week, Securities regulators in Texas and Alabama ordered Sand Vegas Casino Club developers to stop selling NFTs. Amnesia Ibiza Club is another development that may be worth watching. It's a collaboration between Decentral Games and Amnesis.

There are 70 crypto-friendly casinos operating. Last year, the industry pulled in $10 billion. This year they've received $2.8 billion so far.

Robin Reed is the CEO of HappHour.io, a company that allows live streaming slots players to replicate their bets. He wants to take online gambling back to its social roots. He believes that VR should have the same core material and social values as the real world, but create an entirely new experience.

He expects immersiveness on steroids in the metaverse. AI, cryptocurrency and virtual reality are exciting but dangerous. They need to be studied. It's impossible to say what the gambling universe will look like in a few short years.

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