UPDATE: California Gambling Bureau Aware of Hustler Casino Live Incident

Author: Live Casino Direct
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The California Bureau of Gambling Control is investigating an alleged cheating incident that took place on Hustler Casino Live on September 29. The show will continue to be streamed live on YouTube. On Wednesday night, Hustle Casino will host a $25/50 game with David Tuchman on commentary.

Matt Berkey has played on Hustler Casino Live a few times. He is critical of the fact that the show has continued during the investigation into the theft of $15,000 from a player. Nick Vertucci explains that it was because the players were playing. The CBGC has given the company and the casino permission to continue streaming. The investigation is ongoing. There is no hard evidence against Lew. She is suspected of calling off a six-figure bet with just jack-high and being correct. Her lawyer is now pressing charges. According to a source at Hustlers Casino, the CBG has been in contact with the executives since the incident.