UK Gambling Companies Lobby with Lawmakers to Sway Upcoming Regulation

The review of the Gambling Act in the UK is ongoing. Major gambling industry players lobbied Treasury officials.

Treasury officials met with Gambling operators last year. The meeting was to discuss the review of the G gambling law. According to the report, the industry is opposed to tough restrictions. It claims that such restrictions will lead to more customers shifting to black market operators. The report also claims there is an increase in the share of black-market gambling operators in UK. If consumers use unregulated or black markets, it means fewer taxes for Treasury's coffers. Black market gambling companies pay taxes and adhere to responsible gambling rules.

UK Gambling Companies Lobby with Lawmakers to Sway Upcoming Regulation. They are concerned that the remote gambling sector will be hit by the changes.

The final changes to the Gambling Act are yet to be confirmed. Betting limits for online slots and restrictions for VIP schemes are among the possible changes. The Bettering and Gaming Council urges the reviewers of the Act to ensure the well-being of gambling market in the UK.

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