Top legal online casinos in India

Top legal online casinos in India

Recent years have marked a significant increase in the market of casinos that offer gambling to customers in India. Things have changed tremendously since the law governing such activities was put in place, with the online gaming market expanding considerably. With the adoption of this law, all those top online casinos operating in India were forced to apply for a license to operate in our country. Some of these have complied, but some companies have chosen to continue to offer games without having a license, which has led to an extensive education of Indian players to identify legal casinos. This article aims to act as an extra tool that players have at their disposal to identify and play in the top legal casinos in India.

Anyone can easily access the complete list of casinos that have applied and received a license to operate on the territory of India from the National Gambling Office. This is done very easily by going to the certified website ( on this page, going to the “approved” section, you will find the list of all 22 casinos and sportsbooks licensed at the moment in India. In addition to the names of the companies and the domains they operate in online you will have access to a lot of useful information, such as the identification data of the companies, the Registered office, what kind of gambling each operator can offer to customers in India and the date until their license is valid.

Of the 22 operators licensed in India, not all offer online casino services, some of them limited only to sports betting. In this article, we tried to analyze the best online casino in India, to see what an online casino in our country means and, even more importantly, what these top casinos offer their customers. Below, you have a list of the top online casinos in India.

What conditions must be met to obtain a certified license and to be a legal online casino in India. As you may or may not know, the Indian gambling industry is regulated by a single legal authority, the National Gambling Office, certified in short. This institution provides operating licenses for casinos wishing to conduct business in our country. Indian online casinos are also obviously required to obtain a certified license. We must say that all operators on the list of the best online casinos in India have such a license.

Certificate is subordinate to the Government of India, having a legal role in the state. Its role is to monitor and control all gambling operators in the country, to ensure the reduction of tax evasion and the payment of all taxes to the state. An equally important role is played by certificates in the Prevention of gambling addiction and, of course, the protection of minors.

In short, certificates regulate the gambling market in India, sanction those bookmakers and casinos that operate illegally and promote legal bookmakers and online casinos in India.

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