Top 5 Anime About Gambling You Have to Watch

Top 5 Anime About Gambling You Have to Watch

Anna Rosak is a Polish gaming expert and an anime aficionado. She recommends her top 5 anime about gambling to her readers. She reviews many gambling-themed sites. Her favorite anime series is Wazamba Casino. It is about a casino. The anime is bizarre and obscure, but captivating.

One Piece is a social commentary on the casino industry. The anime is full of bold colors and vivid imagery. It is not violent nor scary, but it definitely makes you think about the world we created.

Kaiji is a live-action series based on a popular manga comic book. The show is set in the late 1990s and has a gloomy and realistic atmosphere. Maj recommends Kaiji to generation X and to everyone who experienced uncertainty surrounding the new millennium.

Aleksandra likes Kakegurui anime. She compares it to Gossip Girl with gambling involved. The anime is interesting because it adds a layer of social critique to the simple fantasy plot.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is a 2000 anime about a professional gambler. Maj. agrees that the anime captures the atmosphere in Japan after the Second World War.

Akagi is one of the top five anime about gambling. Maj recommends watching it with headphones. The other two shows are popular with their fans. The third one is about a gambling addict. It's about yakuza and gambling in the Japanese underground.

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