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Television-themed slots: Online casinos put TV programs in the games

television themed slot games

Just as television dominates popular culture, so too is its presence mightily felt in the online casino. Big-name game software producers have created slots based on game shows, cult programs, franchise names, soap operas and game shows. Check out action and adventure with superheroes and Transformers; reality TV with X-factor and its ilk; games shows from Who Wants to be a Millionaire on down; mingling with the oil-grubbing rich in Dallas; and just the flat-out weirdness of Japan-based Banzai. All in all, these games are a must-play for online casino players doubling as TV aficionados.

Just on the off-chance there’s not enough TV in your life lately, internet casinos present riffs on old classics and new favorites in television-themed online slot games. We don’t know about the ratings of TV-themed online slots, but surely some of these are among the internet’s most popular. For some reason, lots of players adore “Baywatch” – it must be the high-tech software and fast gameplay…

What are some good TV gameshow slots?

Within the subgenre of TV slots, the most popular theme exploited by internet casino software designers is that of game shows – particularly if you include reality shows within the category. Old-style game shows like “The Price is Right” are out, either with the trademark properly licensed or in knockoff fashion.

The now seemingly defunct game show/reality show blend remains alive and kicking in online casinos: slots like American Idol (and its half-dozen clones) remain popular, as do the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and “X-Factor” slots and/or scratch card games.

The real winner here, though, has got to be the “South Park” slots game. Loaded with hilarious characters and bits from the animated series, four bonus rounds and a 1.25-million coin jackpot payout, this one will have you laughing about killing Kenny for years to come yet.

What about old-time TV shows?

Are you kidding? Nostalgia for the tube rules many online casinos, with favorites such as the aforementioned “Baywatch” slot, which spawned the sequel “Baywatch Rescue.” TV land staples such as “Dallas”, “Bewitched”, “Stargate” and especially “Happy Days” slots are well worth the playing for nostalgia buffs and slots aficionados alike.

And are there British TV slots as well?

Ah, a fan of the telly, are we? Fans of British TV are in luck vis-à-vis online slots, with stuff like “Blankety Blank” (including a $200,000 jackpot win), “Carry On”, “Little Britain” and “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” immortalized in online slots. (To be honest, the Pythons are represented in slots based on movies and stage shows, but any mention of Monty Python is a good mention, as far as we’re concerned.)

Should I play TV slots?

Sure, and you can play free right here! Just point and click and you’re set! Live Casino Direct hosts the titles on this page and over 2,200 more on our site. Should you want to play for real money, simply click on a link to any of our partnering casinos. All casinos are accepting players from your contrry, and each has been approved for fair play by internationally-recognized independent auditor bodies.

So turn off the tube and, um, turn on the other tube to enter the internet casino for some great television-themed online slot games.

Applaud for TV slot machines many of which have successfully recreated the thrill of the game show on another dimension entirely. Play TV, game show slots online now in instant play for fun or for real.
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