Spy slots aren't Top Secret but they are worth going after if you want cash wins

The International Contract Agency Headquarters has a new price on the head of Hitman slot – a cool 25,200 coins. Another spy slot to play is Net Entertainment's created comic-book slot game about private eye Jack Hammer and the Evil Dr. Wüten. Win a top coin payout of 250,000 coins for 5 Jack Hammers on adjacent reels.
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These are the Spy slots James Bond would play, but of course for real money

James Bond spy slots online

Calling all slot agents, spy-themed slots with multiple missions – all with one goal to meet. So you think you have what it takes to be a spy? Go on a secret slot mission and find out for sure if you are able to track down your slot enemies on the reels for top coin payouts to complete the real mission at hand.

Some say that in the post-Cold War era, spying as classically depicted in James Bond adventures, Mata Hari biographies and the like is dead (of course, industrial espionage is alive and well). Heck, the Bond franchise itself squeezed out a couple of films based on this premise before getting all grim ‘n’ gritty with the Daniel Craig iteration. However, you’d never guess this to be the case judging by the “spy games” playable at many online casinos.

Enter any internet casino and before you can say “Bond. James Bond,” you’ll notice a spy-themed online slot game or two. These slots call on you to defend Western Civilization against evil agents and saboteurs in an action-packed five-reel setting. Just bring your own martinis – shaken, not stirred.

Are there any James Bond slots?

While there aren’t as yet any spy-themed online slots starring that most famous member of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, at two games are rather unsubtle riffs on Ian Fleming’s character. The not-so-imaginatively named Spy Game – does a nice job in representing 007 in online slot form. In Spy Game, the player goes on secret spy missions through a multi-bonus round.

On the other hand, the very name of the James Band slots game is a dead giveaway that this thing’s an utter knockoff of the franchise. This unexciting 9-payline game doesn’t even include a video bonus round, a true anti-climactic rip-off.

How about James Bond look-alikes?

In the slots world, sure! Try the gender-swapping version of the superspy in Agent Jane Blonde, an exciting and colorful romp with a 10,000-coin jackpot payout. Agent Cash is a comic-book styled spy slot with sharply-dressed agents with a grunge rock soundtrack to keep the action up.

Jack Hammer directly straddles the line between superspy and Superman, so we’ve included the games based on this original superhero-type character here as well – nice (and high-paying) video bonus rounds in these slots.

Do you have what it takes to save the motherland from those who seek to destroy it?

Oh, come on, we’re just talking about spy-themed slots here, but for some excitement and adventure in your slots gaming, check out some of the game titles on this page.

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Hitman slot by Microgaming is on the dark side of a spy mission to search and destroy with the assassin known as Agent 47 in the 2007 film Hitman based on the popular Hitman video game.
Enjoy the thrill of slots? Add the action of spy-themed slots for an even bigger thrill.