Some call it soccer, some football, either way, soccer draws quite a crowd

Soccer Safari by Microgaming features African animals playing soccer and classic one-liner soccer slots are also part of the fun. Travel around the world and play in World Cup casino soccer games too.
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Soccer is by far one of the most numerous themed sports games around


Go for the gold with soccer slots featuring World Cup soccer slots and play in bonus rounds with soccer stars from around the world in a slot by Rival called Global Cup Soccer. Kick goals in bonus rounds where the field and the ball are played for casino cash.

The popularity in and effect on human culture that soccer has is nearly impossible to hyperbolize. Perhaps billions worldwide follow and/or play the game on some level, casually or in organized leagues. It is called “The Beautiful Game” and a sizeable fraction of our species would concur with such a description.

Since this is Live Casino Direct, we’re looking at the insane number of soccer-themed slots and casino games. The truth is, if you can’t find a soccer game at any online casino of your choosing, you’re just not looking hard enough!

What are some good soccer slots games?

For just soccer/football in general, there's the inevitably-named slot Goooooal!, an interesting slot in which a "Gooooooal" symbol in the fifth reels increases the score of an imaginary contest between reds and blues; Football Fever is a low-variance slot of the "243 Ways to Win" variety; Soccer Challenge, which features payouts of 3,000x and 10,000x; and Football Slot, a 5-reeler seemingly more devoted to jerseys more than anything else.

For some club football references and lots of star quality, check out the Top Trumps series of games, a run of high-quality slots that actually have nothing to do with the 45th U.S. President.

And you bet the world's biggest entertainment spectacle, i.e. The World Cup, is well celebrated in soccer-themed slots. Start with World Cup, a colorful slot featuring the (fictional) faces of the game; World Cup Heroes, more focused on the teams themselves rather than the heroes; Soccer Safari, a slot released on the eve of the 2010 World Cup and still going strong; and Global Cup Soccer, a knockoff of ... guess what.

The best of all, however, may be the amazingly camp Football Gladiators.

Check out Robin Van Persie, Andrea Pirlo, Rio Ferdinand and Toni Kroos, who have been sent back in time to the heyday of the Roman Colisseum for a contest of ... well, that's not exactly clear. Although otherworldly hellspawn-type beasites appear to be involvd -- and our football heroes each enter the stadium with a wildcat on a chain; infinitely more badass than walking in holding hands with some little kid.

Pleases note, too, that the above list represents merely examples of the kind of soccer-themed slots you may find at online casinos.

Are there other soccer-themed casino games?

Are you kidding? The popularity of soccer is so overwheleming that online casino game software developers are more than happy to experiment with other formats to bring in the lads and lassies who love the game.

Instant-win games may be found in Scratch Soccer and Football Mania; these follow the online scratch card format, so you know what to do when playing 'em...

Penalty Shot is a fun little diversion of a video game-style game. Pick where and at what angle you want to shoot and best of luck to you!

And surprisingly addictive are the Virtual Soccer and Virtual Euros casino games. Essentially pure-luck games, these are formatted based on a bookmaker's odds. Pick the team(s) you thnk will win, lose or tie in a given week, and watch the results come in. Play a few games or play a whole season -- we're thnking the latter is more common. These games are seriously addictive.

Try these and lots of other great soccer-themed casino games for free play or real money right here at Live Casino Direct!

Kick goals for casino coins and cash in soccer slots by major gaming companies like Microgaming, Playtech, Rival and more.
Soccer slots are part of the sports-themed online casino games for sports fans.