Make a touchdown with football slots for sports fans and non fans alike

Football slots, there are a great number to kick around if you like a little pigskin with your slot. Become more of an active participant in football than you do at the game or in your lazy boy and play football slots for cash.
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These football players are passing millions over with football-themed slot wins


Carry the ball all the way to the final yard line with football slots. Spin your way across a field of reels for the perfect winning combination. Win casino cash in bonus rounds where players can punt and throw their way up to $5,000,000 like in $5,000,000 Touchdown slot by Vegas Technology.

What just as exciting as football but with far fewer injuries and greater chance at hitting a jackpot payout? Football-themed online slots, of course! The sights and sounds of America’s biggest sports-related TV draw – scoreboards, cheerleaders, tough-looking linemen, etc. – are recaptured nicely in these casino games, making them a must-play for the football fan. And when that jackpot wins, about the only thing more mind-boggling is an unexpected glimpse of Janet Jackson’s breast.

We are talking about *American* football hee, right?

For purposes of this text, yes. Unfortunately for those specifically seeking casino games based on Tom Brady’s sport, the results above have been inundated by that other football. You know, Futbol? Or soccer?

For a proper list of soccer-themed slots, click here. Otherwise, stick around.

Are there good football slots games?

Yes, but fewer than you’d think. Perhaps due to reticence of the NFL and NCAA to officially have anything to do with America’s gambling industry, football slots tend to have a short shelf life and low popularity. We still lament the loss of, likesay, $5,000,000 Touchdown, and that was gone years ago.

One colorful and fun mainstay within the subgenre of online casino games is the Pigskin Payout slot. This 5-reel, 20-payline slots game is a mishmash of the college and NFL game plus beer. Lots and lots of beer, which is key. The real kick here, though, is the so-called “Jackpot Can’t Lose” feature, which awards the player free spins with stacked sticky wilds in reels one and five.

Any other good football casino games?

We’re not sure why Touchdown is so plainly named; something in the title should draw more players, because damn this is a dope game. In Touchdown, the player can sim an entire season, week by week, picking games with or against the spread. Bet all the games or bet none in a given week, and watch how an entire season pans out. Though purely a game of chance, Touchdown is extremely fun stuff for those into NFL football.

Where can I play football slots games?

Don’t leave your seat and don’t leave this site! To play any of the football-themed slots listed on this page, simply click on the game and start playing! Playing for real money is just as simple; either select from the game menu or click on any link to a Live Casino Direct-partnered casino anywhere on this site. All casinos are accepting players from your country and have been audited for fair play by an independent international authority.

One sport perfect for the online slots milieu, (American) football has plenty of iconic imagery to fill five reels on many a virtual one-armed bandit. No matter what level of play you dig the most, some software producer has a football-themed slot you’ll enjoy.

Make a pass with football slots where playing football doesn’t require heavy tackling, helmets or teeth guards to win.
Football slots online by every leading gaming software provider.