Bowl down the lanes of your favorite bowling slot for casino cash or free play

Play in bowling alley bonus rounds for a strike that will win you more than what the local bowling league has to offer. Become the king of the lanes in select bowling slots from many of the major gaming software providers.
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Play in bonus bowling rounds and get a spin worth more than a strike or two

bowling themed games

The 'Dude' and his fans may want to check out our selection of bowling games available in real play. Hit a serious strike to the sound of casino coins raining down on the lanes of these bowling-themed slots and win much more than you would at the local bowling league.

From Ancient Egypt and Rome to the 21st century, bowling games have stayed popular among the general populace; today, that devotion is manifested in online slots based on the theme. The ultimate people’s sport, modern bowling is played in nearly 100 countries worldwide – and now the entire cyber-community has access to kegling thanks to the online casino milieu. Mostly as fun and colorful as the game itself, bowling-themed online slots will be sure to amuse the everyday casino player.

So set up the pins (virtually) and get ready for some bowling action off the lanes and in the online casino. Bowling-themed online slots seek to capture the fun and color of one of the world’s biggest participatory sports. Winnings may be had, of course, but probably the best feature of such themed slots is no need to wear rented shoes.

What makes a great bowling casino game?

Evident affection for the game is important, but in terms of casino gaming – and this particularly goes for slots – you’ve got to have a video bonus round that approximates the awesome fun of actual bowling.

Also important: Sound effects! If your bowling-simulated game doesn’t include the sound of 10 pins struck, clearly one of the most distinctive sounds in all of sports, well, you just don’t get it…

What are the best bowling-themed slots?

We’ve got a trio of good bowling slots to get you started, at very least.

Bowled Over is a 20-payline slot game with expanding wilds, up to 40 free spins with a 4x bonus multiplier and a video bonus round in which the player goes for as many as 10 rounds of bowling action (not to mention compounding coinage).

Bob's Bowling Bonanza is a goofy yet entirely fun 5-reel, 30-payline gslots game featuring the titular city-league bowler extraordinaire and his pals. Of note here is the “Perfect Game” bonus feature round triggered by three scatters. In Perfect Game – a bit of a misnomer – predict the finish of the three starring bowlers in a hastily-played tournament.

From the “funny animal slots” sub-category, we’ve got Alley Cats. This slots game proves that, if dogs play poker, cats go bowling. Alley Cats is a hilarious game for lovers of felines; you gotta love the tied-up Chihuahua getting ready to be knocked over as part of a strike…

What other bowling-themed casino games are there?

Check out Bonus Bowling, an instant-win video game. Wager between 10¢ and $100 per game, in which you get two chances to knock down pins. Surprisingly compelling stuff it is.

Poker Bowling Strike is an odd twist on video poker delivered with a pinch of slots. The normal 52-card deck is supplemented with a joker and a “Poker Bowling Strike Joker”. (Gee, where’d they get that name for it…?) Landing a PBS joker launches a video bonus round in which any amount between five and 5,000 coins (or between 50¢ and $5,000) may be won.

In honor of ‘The Dude’ here’s a bowling slot just for fans but bring your own White Russian, drinks not included.
Is bowling a sport, yes, we do claim that it is! Is bowling and slots a sport? Good question.