Get box seats for all the best in sport slots and watch your winnings up close

Playing is just as much fun as winning with slots that keep online slot players feeling the adrenaline rush of all their favorite sports. Amidst many different themed slots out on the market today, sports slots are some of the best ways to blow off steam and to win more fuel.
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Sports-themed slots -- baseball, soccer, football, tennis and more games to play


What qualifies as a sport these days? Well, many things are now considered a sport that once were not. For the sport-themed slots mentioned here it includes not only athletics like basketball, football, tennis and running, but horse racing, dune bug racing, bowling, fly fishing and even a few you may not have guessed.

Additional game themes to refine your choice

Have you ever considered what a disproportionate amount of our culture is devoted to sport? Probably not, but odds are (so to speak) that you enjoy some kind of physical game either as spectator or participant. And the odds are very good that your favorite pastime is represented in one or more sports-themed online slots.

What are the most popular sports for slots games?

Popular sports slots worldwide are themed on tennis (among the slots titles available right her and internationally are Top Trumps Tennis Classic, Top Trumps Tennis Stars), golf (Gold Trophy, Gold Trophy 2, Hole in Won), horseracing (well too many to mention here; see below) and football – or soccer to you Americans – oh boy, especially football (World Cup Heroes, Global Cup Soccer, Goooal!, Football Fever, Final Score, etc. etc.). When a World Cup or Champions League or European Championship tournament comes around, special release of new football slots are rife; these casino games typically feature real-life superstars and/or the countries they represent on the reels.

For the U.S. online casino’s players out there, baseball (Hot Shot) and American football (Pigskin Payout, Touchdown) get lots of play, with the familiar symbols of playing and watching these games filling the space in the slots. And finally – finally – Canadians can finally take heart in the release of some proper hockey-themed slots.

Sports slots are hardly limited to these examples, however: Basketball (Slam Funk), rugby (Odd Shaped Balls), cycling (Pedal Power), motor sports (Winning Wheels, Jackpot GT), bowling (Alley Cats, Bob’s Bowling Bonsnza), fishing (Let’s Go Fishin’, Lucky Angler), surfing (Wild Water) and even Australian Rules Football (Aussie Rules) all get the online casino treatment as well.

Are horse racing-themed games popular?

Beginning in the mid-2010s, online casino operators became more enamored with vairations on horse racing games for play at their websites. Alongside a handful of slots themed on horse racing at your favorite online casino should also be some video-type games in which the player picks a winner from among several virtual ponies. These are essentially pure luck, pick ‘em games, but ultimately, so are slots. And horse racing games are remarkably compelling.

Among the more popular and commonly-seen horse racing games available at online casino s—and right here at LiveCasinoDirect – are Virtual Racebook, Golden Derby, Derby Day, Horse Fever and Frankie's Fantastic 7.

Virtual Racebook features some amazing graphics; seriously top-of-the-line stuff here that looks like an EA Sports product worthy of computer space next to Madden and MLB: The Show. Frankie's Fantastic 7 is more of a board game-style video bonus round looking game, but damn if it isn’t tons of fun.

Golden Derby synthesizes all the best aspects of the horse racing games at onlie casinos, with a nice mix of “information” on the horses, plus a very wide range of wagering possibilities available and nifty announcer comments.

Check out any of these for free play right here.!

There are many sport-themed slots in addition to the ones mentioned, find baseball slots among others at all your favorite online casinos for all those contestants interested in demonstrating their slot skills.
Three other sports slots are: Green Light online slot, Pedal Power and Stunt Pilot. These are all slots where speed is the sport of choice.