Hone in on space slots at the online casino and reach for the money stars

Enjoy space slots from pole dancing alien life as in Planet Exotica to science-fiction fantasy instant win games like in Space Evader 1 and 2 Gold. Discover new worlds of wealth and fight against Green Meanies from Outta Space in a slots battle between the human race and aliens over your wallet.
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Space-themed slots -- Science-fiction action in online casino gaming


Space slots are made up of both friendly, comical aliens or antagonistic intergalactic travelers who kidnap sleeping humans in their beds at night. Play in space-exploration games like in Cosmic Quest I and Cosmic Quest II: Mysterious Planets by Rival or cruise a new galaxy in The Great Galaxy Grab by Microgaming. In The Great Galaxy, other than a pirate-alien race, life isn’t really all that different. A 6-level bonus will win players enough fuel to jet set to another world in no time at all.

Additional game themes to refine your choice

Space: The final frontier. These are the casinos hosting space-themed online slots. The player’s continuing mission: To explore new slot games, to seek out new casinos and new bonus offers. To boldly win where no one has won before.

Be they based on science-fiction concepts or man’s own real-life voyages beyond the Earth, space-themed online slot games make up an entire galaxy cluster’s worth of the internet casino universe.

Aren’t space-themed slots simply science-fiction games?

While some space opera franchises have been immortalized in the realm of the online casino – Star Trek and Stargate come immediately to mind – a great many popular space-themed slots are original creations along familiar themes: Alien invasion of Earth (as depicted in Area 211, Worlds at War, Fruitoids); heroic astronaut versus bug-eyed aliens (Space Monsters, Invaders from Planet Moolah); and the galactic adventurer getting into trouble (the Captain Scarlet series).

We’ve got our space-based casino games divided up into three subcategories: Aliens, sci-fi and stars & planets.

What are these three categories about?

“Aliens” features extra-terrestrial life in some respect – and not Donald Trump’s public enemies no. 1. (Remember it’s about *space*) Sometimes bug-eyed and wacky, sometimes technologically sophisticated and sleek, these ETs are all about bringing the cash. To Planet Exotica and beyond!

In sci-fi, it’s a grab bag of themes: Time travel, alternative worlds, first contact – all that stuff that makes geeks like us thrill with imagination.

“Stars and planets” is clearly the most sedate of the themes; here, the focus is on alien worlds and starry breaches of outer space – not noisy clattering life forms. Begin with the Big Bang (slot game) and enjoy the expansion of the (casino gaming) universe thereafter.

What’s great about space slots games?

One generalization that can be fairly made is that space-themed online slots often feature the wackiest and most interactive video bonus rounds of any subgenre; in these, you may be called upon to vaporize extra-terrestrial monsters or abduct unsuspecting Earthlings. And a few titles even have a video game-like test of hand/eye coordination.

Internet casinos are far out … far out beyond the Earth’s atmosphere in space-themed slots. Spin a few reels on blockbuster franchise games like “Star Trek” and “Stargate” or try any one of dozens of online slots that will have you reaching for the stars as you play in some of the best bonus video rounds anywhere. In space-themed online slots: Leave the Earth without all that nasty business about vacuums and radiation belts.

Where can I play online slot games?

Enjoy wacky aliens, spacefaring and time travel from right here at Live Casino Direct. We do not host real-money play, but you may play any of our thousands of titles for absolutely free indefinitely!

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Blast into space with a crew of monkeys in Monkeys to Mars by Cryptologic or play in a retro space slot called The Atomic Age, a creative look into the 50s in America and of the beginning steps into the future space travel. For those who’ve evolved from the fruit machine but who are still nostalgic for it may take flight in What on Earth, a space slot by Microgaming.
Science-fiction slots involving the future and space travel are part of the ingenuity and fun of playing online casino games like A Switch in Time by Rival. Travel as far back as prehistoric times and as far forward as into another galaxy with alien life and futuristic technology for an advanced way to collect on casino coins.