The slots of summer are like the girls of summer but more lucrative to play

Oh shall I compare thee to a summer’s slot? Thou art as fair and temperate when the random number generator spins onto a winning payline with summer themes for slots. Go to the beach, surf on the waves, have a grill out, and enjoy another spin in another sunny slot day.
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Summer is filled with fruit machines and other seasonal, summery casino games

summer themed slot and casino games

This summer collection is filled with various slots with expanding slot symbols and bonus triggering scatters. Enjoy playing slots at beachside scenes, in colorful gardens, and spinning in summer sports machines like in Lucky Shot golf slot or in Beach Ball Bingo, a volleyball bingo game. Crazy Chameleons is a funny animal, lizard surfing-themed video slot to name but a few.

“In the summertime when the weather is hot / You can sit right down and log on today / When the weather's fine / You got slot games, you got slot games on your mind…”

So maybe that’s not how the song goes, but that’s the sattitude of the hardcore slots player looking for some proper action in summer-themed slots games.

What are the common motifs in summer slots?

Symbols sets in summer slots are loaded with imagery destined to make you want to get away to live out that old dictum, “Life’s a each and then you die.” These slots typically features hot sands, ocean waves, beach balls, beach umbrellas … and bikinis. So much bikini. Now what’s the argument made by those who “love” seasonal weather…?

What are some good summer slots?

Oh, we’ve got a bunch of good summer slots for you.

Two slots games bear the title “Bikini Beach,” and these may be refereed to as the PG and R (or at very least PG-13) versions. The former includes some neat tropical fruit machine sytles across 25 paylines, a wheel game bonus round and a 5000x wager top jackpot payout. The rather more adult version is a 30-pyaline, 3D slot game which culminates in one hot babe grabbing her bodacious breasts and … well, what else do you need to know?

Vacation Station is a different sort of slot; played on a 3x3 grid, players win whenever three identical symbols (mostly symbolic of modes of vacation-y travel) line up in a straight line, thus 8 paylines. This can be played as a penny slot or for bigger wagers; top payout is 4,000 coins.

Incredibly fascinating and innovative is Summer 4G. In fact, we’re not 100% certain this should be called a slot machine at all. What Summer 4G most definitively is one scintillating casino games based on a dice game not entirely unlike Yahtzee. Lots of fun – and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Others worthy of mention abound. Go on a summer trip in the Travel Bug slot featuring an excellent around-the-world bonus round. Enjoy the good old-fashioned American grill scene in slots like Ultimate Grill Thrills – It’s part of the frivolity of American summer holidays immortalized in slot machines aplenty themed on July 4th with images of all kinds of Americana.

Can I play summer slots anytime?

Not only are summer slots available year ‘round, you can play them all right here. Check out all our summer slots and casino games from the convenience of home – or even on the go, as more and more games are formatted for mobile formats. Free play is available for as long as you like. Or play for real money by selecting the appropriate option after selecting a game.

Play in summer holiday games not only with interesting and fun-themed slot games but with scratch cards, arcade, instant win, chain reactor and bingo casino games online.
Play the reels of summer slots and sit under the shade of huge rewards with bonus and added features like free spins.