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The 80s fun continues with game-show style slots like Wheel of Fortune slot for one with a special Wheel of Fortune bonus round where players get to spin the big wheel for cash and prizes.
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Never before have slots become nostalgic until now. Try them all here now for fun or for real play with special bonus rounds like in a variety of Monopoly games. Watch video clips from the original Ferris Bueller’s Day Off movie in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off slot. Even play an old soap opera favorite, Dynasty slot. Save swimmers in peril for casino coins in Baywatch slot and crush police cars on the reels of The Incredible Hulk slot for the green.

The 1980s: A decade which continues to fascinate in the nostalgic sense, though those of us who lived it may find it difficult to pinpoint exactly why. It’s probably akin to why the 1950s is so popular when viewed from the rearview mirror: We think of it as an era of relative peace and prosperity, a squeaky-clean version of America still untainted by PCs, cell phones, satellite-delivered TV and the internet.

Today, we recall of the 1980s not the stifling conservativism or nuclear paranoia, but the showy and outrageous style: Big hairdos, pastels and minimalist synth-pop bands. Most of all, it’s this latter bit than remains in 21st-century, the meaningless MTV-propagated one-hit wonders crooning of broken hearts – more commonality with the 50s, eh…?

Anyway, dig on the Reagan Era sensibilities of the 1980s all over again in 80s-themed slots games right here at Live Casino Direct!

So what kind of 1980s slots have you got?

The 1980s slots start with Super 80s, the (thus far) concluding game in Net Entertainment’s (thus far) trilogy of retro slots. This one features lots of pastel colors, skateboards, 80s-style convertibles and such. Like the others in the trilogy, the Super 80s slot features a 4x5 gameboard with free spins and features aplenty.

So 80s is another stroll down this particular cultural memory lane, featuring breakdancing, boom boxes and the like. And you gotta love the joystick and space invader icon making for the wild – not to mention the 25,000-coin jackpot to which it leads.

Do you have any slots based on 1980s music?

You bet your Bananarama! Check out Megadeth to celebrate on of the more successful 80s hair bands, or head in the complete opposite direction – one step beyond, if you will – and check out the immortalized stylings of British ska band Madness in the Madness slots game. (What, you were expecting Talk Talk or Flock of Seagulls?)

And any of those great 1980s movies?

We’re still waiting for the Back to the Future slot and/or the Breakfast Club slot – clear natural for slot game immortalization – but at least we’ve got the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off slot game, with lots of nice clips from the classic flick that Dan Quayle proclaimed his all-time favorite.

And how about casino games based on 1980s TV?

See, even most Americans had, maybe, 40 channels via cable midway through the 1980s, we watched lotsa (bad, very bad) TV. Among the prime of the awfulness was Dallas. Though Dallas started in the 1978, this prime-time soap opera about the greed and avarice (so 80s!) of a Texas oil family ran for the entire decade, made J.R. Ewing a household name and ultimately became inextricably linked with the 1980s. Try the slot game and find out who shot J.R. (spoilers!). 

Transformers unite in a retro, 80s slot based on the Transformers Cartoon in Transformers: Ultimate Payback slot. Even play in a Connect 4 style game called 5 of 6 Hi-Lo Line Up or else play a pub fruity Monopoly slot.
Get the best of the 80s with casino games for the nostalgic at heart.