Retro themed slots from the 1970s join forces with the 20th century

The world has gone gaga over everything retro and now slots have gone gaga too. Funky Seventies by Net Entertainment brings the 1970s back to the undistinguishable 20th century with old cassette tapes, roller skates and groovy disco balls where all things retro are king.
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70's retro slot games with a taste of the disco ball and real money wins


Wonder woman slot by Cryptologic is a game much in the likeness of the Wonder woman television series of the 1970s. Play this and other 70s-themed slots like Sale of the Century game show slot and Evel Knievel slot by Vegas Technology where only the nostalic daredevils of the 1970s rule the reels.

The 1970s: If there was ever a grim ‘n’ gritty decade in 20th-century America, it was the 70s. We’re talking about a time when dudes like Charles Manson and Son Of Sam were making headlines – and the latter had acolytes willing to take a potshot at the U.S. president himself.

Oh, yes, about that president: The 1970s saw the first-ever resignation of a president (and, prior to that, the vice president)  and the first universally accepted loss in an international war. By the time the decade was over, the average American was well familiar with double-digit inflation and international humiliation.

But it wasn’t quite all shame and disgrace from a wicked 60s hangover: We daresay this decade was a hotbed of creativity in pop music that the country hasn’t seen since: The genres of punk, disco and prog rock were born and popularized in this decade. The CBGB in New York was cranking out interesting bands lsuch as the Talking Heads, Blondie and the Ramones, and by decade’s end, we’d get the origins of modern hip hop in rap bands led by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

So get nostalgic about some of the good stuff from a decade that was about a little more than blowing coke – although not much – in our 1970s-themed slots games.

Aren’t 70s slots just all about disco?

Not really, though disco slots do tend to dominate the sub-subgenre of 1970s slots – and several are quite good.

Disco Spins is 20-payliner with a huge $230,000 jackpot win possible in the feature-laden free spins bonus rounds; the Spartanly-titled Disco Slot is a classic slot more about going to the discotheque rather than the music itself (and what is the electric guitar doing there? Have these game designers ever heard disco?); Disco Fruits is a fruit machine-looking game with a disco motif, but over five reels; and Disco Night Fright, the combo horror flick/disco dancing slot that’s “243 Ways to Win” and has a 7,500-coin jackpot.

But the real winner among disco slots must be the Gee Gees, a fantastic three-reel slots that’s actually kind of like two retro slots in one, with the 1970s theme played in the fashion of 90s pub slots. Old-school players will dig on the trail feature in this one – not to mention the huge prizes and video bonus rounds you can trip.

Are there slots simply about the 1970s?

Funky 70s is the second in Net Entertainment’s retro slots trilogy and does a nice job of capturing certain icons of that decade: Check out the big American cars, cassette tapes, View Masters (yes!) and the inevitable disco stuff.

Any 70s TV slots out there?

You bet your Kotter! Game shows are a particular favorite, as the 70s was quite a “high” point for this genre of television “entertainment.” Check out The Money Game to take a chance at bagging a 450,000-coin jackpot or The Price is Right slot, a faithful reimagining of a 1970s TV staple. Just remember: When in doubt, always guess $420.

Afternoon game shows like the Price is Right and 100,000 Pyramid are back in vogue with 1970s retro slots and now there are two D&D games for the truly ambitious geek.