Love, peace, and slots remain with slots from the 60s for free love play

Flower Power slot is another 60s themed slot with paisley poker run symbols, 45 records and record players and more 60s symbology with a funky fashion model bonus.
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Play 60s retro slots for fun or for real cash, relive the summer of love


Happy Slots to you, Mr. Slot player, says Marilynn on the reels of Blonde Legend retro slot where love and the sixties are captured in a romance between a Collector’s Edition Bonus Game and free spins.

The 1960s: A tumultuous decade in America and elsewhere, a time when the youth revolutionized social life and grassroots political activism – and, given the sad state of civil rights at the time, a decade to which nostalgia has been kind.

And as with the 1950s and 70s, the 60s were also a decade forever to be associated with the music then called contemporary rock ‘n’ roll. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the Velvet Underground, Janis Joplin, the Who and dozens of others opened up the airwaves to a new sound with consciousness-changing lyrics.

Finally, let’s not forget the drugs! Psychotropic hallucinogens and marijuana helped color everything for T-shirts to sensibilities psychedelic – and the entertainment world, for one, was never the same again.

All this and more are available in 1960s-themed slots and casino games. So take a long, strange trip down nostalgia lane, man, and dig these groovy games.

What are the best 1960s slots games?

The slang of the 60s is forever entrenched in the American public consciousness, as evidenced by the more popular among 1960s-themed slots. A few of our favorites include the following.

Reel Groovy includes among its symbol set stuff like lava lamps, roller skates and peace symbols, to be sure, but the accent here is on the music: We've got 45s, cassette tapes and guitars for you to play with while you spin the reels. This slot gets right into the spirit of things, with the hippie dude representing the scatter and a marijuana leaf serving as the wild. A bonus multiplier of a whopping 32x is attainable in the free spins round as well. Far out.

The Groovy Sixties slot is the first in a trilogy of nostalgic slots games produced by NetEnt. (The follow-ups are the Funky Seventies and Super Eighties slots and, whoa, are the Net Entertainment folks positive about the Reagan days, eh?) Among the symbols in the 40-payline Groovy Sixties are VW Beetles (still outstanding value in a vehicle) and lava lamps, among the paraphernalia. Stacked wilds are plentiful in this game, and free spins get a bonus multiplier of 2x.

Psychedelic Sixties touts the values of free love and road tripping, not necessarily in that order. The symbols et accents the open highway, but amidst the symbology in this slot are peace signs, the iconic smiley-face button (yep, kiddies, that’s where your emojis come from…) and the lava lamp. Why online casino software game designers love the lava lamp so much is a question for another time. The bonus round, launched by landing three or more VW bus symbols on a spin, is an excellent video bonus in which the player drives his/her hippie buggy around the country, racking up as much as 2,000 coins in the process.

Have you noticed that these slots, ostensibly set in a non-materialistic hippie-populated milieu actually reward big cash prizes? Heavy!

Do I have to drop acid to enjoy 60s-themed slot games?

No, but it helps.

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Spin back into the 60s with retro slots for a transcendental experience.