Retro slot games A.K.A otherwise known as ‘The Good Old Times’

Are you nostalgic for the past? Play retro slots from the 1920s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s to enjoy days gone by while you play retro-designed slots. Enjoy a drag race/soda fountain bonus round in Doo-Wop Daddy-O or head to the disco floor in Funky Seventies slot.
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Retro-themed slot games: For a taste of the Roaring 20s, Groovy 60s, more


Whether it’s the classic, clean-style of the ‘50s or the eclectic feel of the ‘60s, slot machines come in the guise of many different time periods with themes from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. From the ‘70s and ‘80s find old, popular favorites like The Pink Panther in Pink Panther slot. Tune in again to game shows like The Price is Right slot or play one that features the stunt star, Evel Knievel, in Evel Knievel slot with a jump bonus round for cash credits. And people, that's only a few among many.

Additional game themes to refine your choice

No matter what year the calendar says it is, the urge to nostalgize about some idealized version of a given decade in the 21st century is great in pop culture. In internet casinos, this social reminiscing is evidenced by the existence of retro slots. (Incidentally, the “retro” in “retro slots” doesn’t mean necessary that the look of the given online slot is set in the 20s or 80s or whatever, but rather the games become something one might call “retro-themed online slots.”)

What are 1950s slots about?

In America’s truly Golden Age of post-war prosperity, lots was happening culturally, but we tend to identify this decade with early rock ‘n’ roll. Check out Rock ‘n’ Rolls, Doo Wop Daddy-O, Rockabillions and any of the Elvis slots to get the idea here. Fifties style is also in evidence in 50s Pin Up (yowza!) and The Atomic Age.

Finally, there’s the Happy Days slot game; as a sanitized TV version of the 1950s produced in the 70s, does it count? Ah, up your nose with a rubber hose.

What are 60s slots games themed on?

Peace, love and understanding, man! Surely no single decade is so associated with a love, a mentality, a vibe if you will, like the 1960s. Win some of Daddy Warbucks’s money in games like Reel Groovy, Groovy Sixties and Psychedelic Sixties. Now, taking hallucinogenic substances prior to playing a 60s-themed slots game isn’t necessary but could be even more fun…

How about 70s slots?

One word: Disco. Hey, look, in a decade of serial killers, the Vietnam War, the Nixon Administration and cocaine burning a third nostril through California, what else do you want to play up? Funky 70s, Disco Spins, Disco Slot, Disco Spins and the Gee Gees, just to name a few. Fans of 1970s TV (yeesh) might also be interested in Dallas, based on the then-ubiquitous series.

Do they really make slots about the 1980s?

Believe it or not, yeah. In America, we may have been pessimistic from the 1970s and terrified of the Soviet Union, but hey! We had MTV and, uh, lots of colorful stuff! Check out So 80s and The Super 80s the celebrate the glitzy decade in general. Fans of the 80s will also be pleased to note a few icons from the time live on: See slots decided to heavy-metalers Megadeth, minimalist ska band Madness or the all-time classic flick Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

What other decades get retro slots games?

The 1990s, strangely difficult to define, are mostly represented by the movies and other entertainment franchises begun in that decade, such as the Forrest gump slot. Sadly, the Dennis Rodman slots game was taken offline about five years ago, so until the Nirvana slots game comes out, this decade will be fairly bereft of representation in online casino slots games.

Another decade with which most have long been fascinated is the 1920s. Lots of gangster-themed stuff exists in this sub-subgenre of retro slots as well.

Remember the ‘90s with Bill and Ted’s Bogus Adventure and Jurassic Park? These too have been included in our retro-themed slots. Relive the best of what was while winning what’s hot now.
These slots are 'aces', 'groovy', 'totally tubular', 'rad' recounts of the past in retro slots.