"Abracadabra" slots with casino cash and coins appearing out of thin air

Money magic is a progressive jackpot slot, one of the most magical slots of all with the highest payout at 10,000 credits. Money Magic slot involves a levitating magic trick and more importantly, the trick of making money appear out of thin air.
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Play Magic-themed online slots and pull a bundle of cash out of your hat


Ouch! That hurts! Voodoo Vibes slot by Net Entertainment is a gorgeous slot with a Voodoo bonus round where players get to pin prick Voodoo Dolls for bonus credits and a top coin payout with the highest paying out symbol of 7500 coins with 5 wild Voodoo masters. As for magic, that's only one spell in the enchanted book of slots.

Slots in and of themselves really are like magic.  You click a button and can be surprised at any moment with a prize that appears out of thin air.  A prize, that is, of money, and in some cases, lots of it.  Random jackpots are jackpots that can be won on any spin and various magic slots have this feature.  These are slots that specifically have magic themes. 

What type of slot is considered a Magic themed game?

There are fortune teller slots, magician slots, fantasy-magic slots like wizard slots, alchemy slots, voodoo slots and more.  Crystal balls, witches, books of spells, each slot that has to do with magic has a special style and there are plenty to discover and play.  Money Magic slot is a jackpot slot with icons of a magician and all his magic tricks.  Spin under the hypnotic idea that something magical is happening with every wager made.  Play for real money or just for fun.  Enchanted slot by BetSoft is a fantastical journey into the woods with ogres, wizards, magic wands and more.  BetSoft games are probably the best online slots in terms of visual entertainment.  These slots have 3D effects and animations and are exciting with multiple bonus rounds. 

Tell me about the Unicorn Magic themed slot play?

Unicorn Magic slot popularizes that mythical beast the unicorn who many believe bestows magical powers and luck.  Whether you are superstitious or not, magic-themed slots are exciting to play and they can be found at online casinos to be played for real cash.  All players need to do is register as an online player and make a first deposit.  The magic begins as soon as this is done as customers of the casino receive match bonuses and other special cash prizes.  Enter into various magical forests and hunt for enchantments of every kind.  Share slots online with friends on Facebook and play with them, giving and sharing gifts, while you compete.  Go to a casino with fast payouts to ensure any wins you make will get into your pocket as soon as possible.  Genie slots are another kind of magical slot that players have available to them.  Magic lanterns may grant wishes of cash and coins. 

Are Magic slots available through mobile apps?

Download a magic slot app from your favorite app store and gain access to a selection of magic-themed games.  Slot apps however can only be played for fun.  If playing slots is enough fun in and of itself then don’t hesitate another minute, online slots are there for you.  Play in instant mode from wherever, whenever.  Slots really are a magical thing with a random number generator where winning really is in the stars.  Hold fast to your belief that magic can happen to you and it may just come true.  Make a wish, say an incantation, cross your fingers, do a dance, whatever you think will evoke the magic and then spin.  Magical slots are rated and reviewed by players, find out what machines are hot and ready to grant you a payout.  Pass on the magic by sharing which slots are magical to you in reviews and rating games yourself.    

Try and control the fates with ‘magic’ slots from wizards to warlocks to witches and voodoo and enter the sacred circle where anything can happen.
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