Find love & romance slot games and fall for the real money wins and cash

These slots spin seductively in order to woo players with images of candy hearts, romantic gifts, and casino coins – love slots – where the promise of both love and money are the best motivators for playing.
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Love & Romance-themed slots for the romantic online casino player

Love & Romance

Slots that evoke that loving feeling include: Phantom of the Opera slot by Real Time Gaming; Cashanova by Microgaming with a womanizing chicken; Dr. Lovemore, a fruity, 5 reel love slot by Playtech and these are only a few in a wide sea of slots to choose from. To play for real money visit our online slot casinos page and chose from one of the online casinos we partner with.

Love, perhaps the most common subject of poetry, film, art and many a late-night conversation, is just as dominant in the online casino; witness the prevalence of mostly pink- and red-colored love and romance-themed slots.

What do you mean by “Love and Romance Slots”?

Love and romance-themed slots run the gamut of the entire, let’s be honest, mating ritual experience, typically involving wooing and dating, dancing and romacing.

Some romance-themed slot games are about marriage, others tell a story of pursuit – sometimes quite a night of partying is involved, too. Perhaps you’ll find your Love Match, feeling a Burning Desire; for Love or Money, you’ve got to get closer to The Lady in Red. And as so often happens in these things, marital bliss may ensue directly after the Wacky Wedding.

Yes, yes, very clever. What other love-and-romance slots can you recommend?

Doctor Love is employed at one of those clinics packed with super sexy doctors and dirty-minded nurses of which TV drama land was once populated. A hugely popular game with a sequel to its credit, Doctor Love is nevertheless pretty basic stuff; only free spins bonus rounds are available. This one remains a nicely colorful and fun game, though.

Viva Venezia and At the Copa (now everyone who’s heard the Barry Manilow song has it stuck in his/her head. Sorry, it appears to be an involuntary reflex) celebrate romantic locales. In At the Copa, the voluptuousness of – oh let’s just call her Lola – Lola’s maracas is matched only by the vastness of jackpot: Up to 430,000 credits! Nice.

If you’re going for sheer beefcake and/or cheesecake, go directly to Scandavian Hunks and Scandivian Babes. You’d figure that folks from the lands of so much beloved poronography know a thing or two about sexiness, and you’d be right. With Swedish-sized payouts, too!

And we’d be remiss unto punishment if we didn’t mention The Love Boat slot machine. That’s right: Capt. Stubing, Doc, Isaac, Gopher and Julie are here to serve up drinks, engage in shenanigans and get couples of B-list celebrities to do rumpy-pumpy all over the Pacific. Hey, remember that time that Loni Anderson was just too famous and she fell in love on the Pacific Princess, but it didn’t work out so the Love Boat dropped her on Fantasy Island? That was cool. (Incidentally, a Fantasy Island slots game also exists…)

Can I play these slots for free?

You certainly can right here at Live Casino Direct. No matter which love and romance-themed online slot you choose, you’re certain to meet up with something special – and what date can promise you that?

The passion between two lovers is superseded by only one other sort: The love between a player and an online slot game. Every casino on the web beckons you to become smitten with any number of love and romance-themed slots. At the online casino, where a young would-be paramour may hear those three little magic words from the object of his/her affection … no, not “I love you” – “Progressive jackpot bonus,” silly!

Enjoy the popular Rival iSlots, available to US online casino players like in For Love and Money slot to Wacky Wedding.

Love Sick and can’t get enough satisfaction? Try Love & Romance slots maybe you will finally reach the most climatic of all your romantic moments.
Don’t go with the first slot that catches your eye, take your time and get to know each slot wisely as to what they have to offer from top casino payouts to bonus rounds and special features.From Cherry Love slot by Playtech to Blonde Legend, a Marilyn Monroe glorifying slot, love is in the air.