Welcome to the Jungle slot where everything that’s green grows big

Can’t quite get away to that tropical location? Enjoy rainforest animals and the lushest land on the planet with slots that are dense with life. Try jungle-themed slots and let's keep it wild.
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Jungle-themed slots games available for free play here with no deposit needed

jungle slot games

There are some slots machines born close to the equator with tropical themes like Queen of the Jungle and Relic Raiders. All the same animals you’d find there you’d also find here: monkeys, elephants, peacocks, tigers, leopards, and many more. Under this rainforest canopy tropical flowers and fruit grow along with these fast-growing genre of games.

Escape the troubles of the concrete jungle by visiting the more natural version of verdancy – virtually speaking, of course – at the online casino with jungle-themed slots. In general, you may either simply enjoy the verdant scenery and wild fauna of such exotic locales, or you can hack your way through the brush in search of lost treasure in the adventurer’s way. How better to experience wildlife than via online casino? No worries about exotic viruses, dangerous bugs or insidious bad guys looking to take that hard-fought treasure from you, after all…

Who is Lara Croft?

It’s amazing, after one of the internet’s all-time most popular slot machines and two movies with Angelina Jolie in the role, that the original Lara Croft has been all but utterly forgotten by the Pokemon ‘n’ Minecraft set. (“Y’see, kiddies, back in the 90s, we had these video games called Tom Raider, and Lara Croft was the double-D star? What’s that…? Ah, your grandmaw can explains to ya was “double-D means…”)

In any case, the original Lara Croft: Tomb Raider slot game has spawned not only a sequel, but lots of knockoffs (not “knockers”; “knock*offs*,” you gutter-mind) in jungle-raiding types: To name just a couple of these slots, check out Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple, or the awfully named Relic Raiders.

What about safari slots?

For the less “mighty” and “hunter” of the “mighty white hunter” lot, i.e. those of you who’d prefer a safari any day to even a virtual adventure in the jungle, your favorite online casino is certain to include safari-themed slots running through the online jungle any time of day. See the Safari Sam

Photo Safari, Safari Madness, Safari Spin, Super Safari, Wild Safari, Big Game Safari, Hot Safair and, inevitably, Safari slots to achieve this goal. Not all are set in the jungle, but you’ll get your green on in most.

Are there a lot of jungle animals in slots?

You bet (get it?). For animal lovers, there’s simply no end to the menagerie of creatures starring in jungle-themed online slots, with monkeys alone commandeering several interesting titles, including a few progressive jackpot slots in the mix.

For the full monty’s worth of jungle animals frolicking about, play the Happy Jungle, Jungle Mania, Heart of the Jungle (actually something of a Tarzan riff) and/or Ooga Booga Jungle slots. And for those interested in an altogether lamer sort of animal, check out Celebrity in the Jungle. Or don't.

How about a gratuitous reference to 1970s rock band Jethro Tull?

Bungle in the jungle the next time you visit the online casino with some good old jungle-themed online slot games. Choose adventure with a Lara Croft type or fun and frivolity swinging from the trees with monkeys. No matter which jungle path you take, seek out some hidden treasure of your own in the form of jackpot bonuses; try a jungle-themed slot game or two at the online casino!

Paradise is only a spin away with jungle slot machines so prowl these reels for the kill, the hunt is on.
Banana Monkey slot by Playtech has a fun banana collecting bonus round for added credits.