Play Diamonds and rubies slots oh my! Sapphires and amethyst, oh yes!

Diamond slots shine along with every other jewel in the jewelry store on the reels of gem slot machines. Play for fun or for real cash in instant play mode, no download necessary. Refer to the paytable on the slot for specific payouts for combination wins and to learn about any special features.
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Play in jewel and gem slots online where the more dazzling the better

jewel and gem diamond casino games

Jewels and gem slots are a lovelier way to play slots than with the typical bells, bars, and fruit. Pick from slots that sparkle with diamonds or dazzle with rubies. Play gem slots for Valentine’s Day or just because you love jewelry. Dream of diamonds playing from a wide selection of gem and jewel slot games. Shine on slots players with jewel and gem casino games!

Okay, let’s get all the clichés out of the way first, shall we? All that glitters ain’t gold; diamonds are a girl’s best friend (and Porsches, one supposes, are a boy’s); diamonds are forever, etc. Great. Now you may enjoy cheese-free this collection of slots games in which precious stones are the centerpiece. These gem-tastic slots and jewel-riffic casino games can bring sprkle to your day with jackpot wins and just plain old fun…

Diamonds are the most popular rock in jewel and gem slots, aren’t they?

Most definitely. As of this writing, we feature two dozen slots and casino games with either “diamond” or “diamonds” in the title. Among these, Da Vinci Diamonds (and its subsequent spinoffs and sequels) heads the list in terms of popularity. Sort of an odd combination of the jewels ‘n’ gems theme and fine arts icons with a pinch of the “Da Vinci Code” series, the was one of the first “tumbling reels”-style slots and is still one of the best.

What are “jewels and gems” slots games can you recommend?

Gem Drop is a pretty good one, feeling as it does like a bit of a riff on Da Vinci Diamonds, as the cascade feature is in play for multiple wins on a single spin, but the paintings have been replaced by lucky 7s and classic slot symbols. The slightly undescriptively-monikered slot Firestorm also features precious stones amid the general theme of fiery heat and the bombastic soundtrack behind it all.

Those playing the progressive jackpot games in the hunt for those life-changing amounts need no encouragement to check out Progressive Diamond Jackpot, a well-known slot among fortune-seekers. Also of note here is Mega Gems. For those who may have forgotten oand/or were unaware, “mega” in the literal sense means “1,000” and thus the adjective is well-used for this slot: Progressive jackpots are usually in the range of five- to six-figure amounts of coinage.

How do I win these progressive jackpots?

As they say about the lottery (though the odds on slots are usually a bit better), “you can’t win if you don’t play.” In this case, for real money.

To win progressive jackpots on Mega Gems, Progressive Diamond Jackpot or any other slots featured on Live Casino Direct, please visit any of our partnering casino websites and register today! You’ll soon be spinning – spam- and download-free, by the way – for oodles of cash and the excitement of winning said coinage.

But do jewel & gem slots actually pay out in jewels and gems?

That would certainly be interesting. There’s gotta be at least a promotional offer in this idea…

For now, though, you’ll have to “settle” for actual cash winnings. Try your hand at jewel and gem-themed online slots games today!

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