Shout at the devil with horror-themed slots from hell when winning big cash

Bring the dead back to life in Ghost Pirates by Net Entertainment or play in a 3D haunted house in Betsoft’s House of Fun slot for those who like to squirm and spin. Devil slots are also a part of the horror parade along with vampires, werewolves, zombies, black cats, and witches.
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Horror-themed slots: Bloody good games at online casinos for free fun


Practice your exorcising skills by casting out progressive jackpots from every demonic slot machine that challenges your authority. These slot games will both scare and delight you with demons, zombies, ghosts, and vampires that have infiltrated the reels for your dark-humored slots playing pleasure.

Who doesn’t like a good scare sometimes? That familiar adrenaline rush after a terror survived explains the ever-present popularity of horror films and risk-taking. Combine this with the excitement of hitting a big win at the casino, and you’ve got the thrill of horror-themed online slots.

If you’re a scary movie fan, then you’ll love horror-themed online slots. Old favorites like Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the ever-present ghosts come to life (or back to life) on reels in nearly every internet casino.  It’s like Halloween 365 days a year – and hopefully you’ll be the one getting treats.

Are there slots with classic monsters?

Absolutely. All the old standards in creepy crawlies and spooky ghouls may be found in the online casino: Leading the pack are the so-trendy vampires, often represented in a horror slot game by Dracula – that is, until the “Twilight” slot gets the green light.

Frankenstein’s monster gets a fair share of play, too, including one game based directly on the 1931 Boris Karloff movie.

The original vampire, Count Dracula, naturally gets his spins in at the online casino. Check out Dracula’s Family for just one example. Zombie Rich stars those lovable and unstoppable living dead dudes; The zombies is a humoursous take on the concept combined with sitcom stylings. (Yes, shenanigans ensue.) And Zombiezee Money overcomes the brutal pun to deliver some fantastic gameplay.

Brendan Fraser’s flick The Mummy has been adapted for the slots medium with a game of the same name. This one features the Lost City Adventure Bonus, actually an exciting eight bonuses in one slot game. This slot may prove to be as endlessly fascinating as a bunch of Egyptian catacombs.

What are some other good horror slots?

If you’ve jumped on the bandwagon with the whole vampire rage, try Bood Suckers, which is crammed with bloodthirsty vampires; this slot’s a Net Entertainment game with a jackpot payout of 7500 coins. Hammer stakes into the hearts of vampires while they lay unaware, asleep in their coffins in a gory vampire bonus round. Bloody good!

A popular original series in slots are Rival’s Scary Rich games. Scary Rich 2, a slot sequel to Scary Rich,  claims, “More Scares More Riches” with wild coffins and scatter werewolves. The music, animation, and gaming experience are excellent, with evil clowns chomping on the reels and scratches from butcher knives running down the reels.

Ghosts and the haunted houses they inhabit are a popular favorite among online casino game designers, too, and the occasional werewolf-themed slot may howl for your attention. But don’t worry: These casino games don’t bite.

How can I play horror-themed slots?

The thrill of horror movies plus the fun of internet gaming? It must be a horror-themed online slot game, now available for the playing at your favorite online casino. You can enjoy free play indefinitely right here at Live Casino Direct, or simply register at one our recommended online casinos to start winning today!

Soak in a little blood and gore while you sell your soul with horror-themed slots, the perfect genre where winning is more of a thrill than ever.
Diablo 13 and Devil's Delight slots highlight that hellish world of satan.