Valentine's Day holiday themed slot games for the love of the slots

Valentine's Day will be here before long and if you are a true dork than you most likely will remember to wear a red sweatshirt or heart-embroidered sweater to work that day. If you aren't a dork, you'll be playing Valentine's Day slots minus the red sweater.
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Kiss your money goodbye if you don't play these real money Valentine's slots

Valentine day

These days there’s a themed slot for every holiday, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. For the romantic conservative comes Phantom of the Opera slot for those secretly in love and pining away over some untouchable love object or unrequited love. Secret Admirer slot is a Valentine slot with images of perfume, roses and hearts to bring back the simple days of elementary school where kids decorate shoe boxes to put their Valentine cards in.

Seriously, Valentine’s Day is a bit of a trash holiday. To be fair, it does give Americans their first chance in six weeks or so to browse for Hallmark cards (ah, the creators of the Valentine’s Day holiday itself1), making dinner reservations, sniffing for perfumes, posting cute memes and otherwise just frivolously spending money on things one doesn’t need. Some will be sulking because they have no one while others will be busy doing nothing for that someone they take for granted or because they think Valentine’s is a ridiculous occasion.

Tell you what, though: The themes – not to mention the reds and pinks traditionally associated with the holiday – make for some great slots games, at least. Now this is a way to spend that February evening – here’s to hoping your significant other is also a casino games fan.

What are some good Valentine’s Day slots?

Well, few casino game designers are foolish enough to slap “Valentine’s” or “Valentine’s Day” on the name of a slots game – way too many Valentine’s humbugs are out there for such a label to work, marketing-wise. However, naturally several games exist on the themes of love – and quite a few are closer to the holiday thme than you’d think.

Take, for instance, the high-concept Cupid and Psyche. Loaded with the trappings of Greek mythology, this slots game stars not so much the diapered cherub we often identify as Cupid, but rather the straight-up god of desire. This slot will have you desiring winnings with its multiplicity of free spins and stacked wilds.

Speaking of desire, how about Burning Desire? One of Micrgoaming’s very first “243 Ways to Win” games online – which ought to give a clear picture of just how old this slots game is – Burning Desire has shown enviable staying power and popularity at online casinos. Return to the pangs of passion with the Burning Desire slot, where money and passion know no boundaries. The flames on this slot burn the reels and remind players of unstable exciting passion.

Magic Love is an interesting almost-classic slot with 8 paylines (!) and themed on romance. The symbols set in s a mix of video slot baubles and classic slot goodies: cars, BARs, hearts, palm trees, roses, rings, and champagne bathed in purples fill the reels. Finally, the Enigma slot is not acutally based on the 2010s movies about British codebreakers in World War II but, rather, you guessed it, love and romance. With poker run symbols.

How about a gratuitous mention of The Love Boat slots game?

You bet! We’re stoked about reliving truly one of the best worst television shows of all-time, The Love Baot. A weekly bastion of dumbed-down comedy schtick and silly melodrama all performed by C-list hangers-on who made a living out of guest appearances on this sort of network idiocy. (To all you young ‘uns, this is what TV used to be like … and get off my lawn!)

In any event, now you can giggle at the silliness of it all, slots style, with the whole gang. Remember Isaac the Bartender’s big hair? Remember the nebbish yeoman purser who became a U.S. Congressman? Remember the amazingly bad acting of Lauren Tewes? Relive it all again in the Love Boat slots game!

(Hey, it beats a trash holiday every time…)

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