St. Patrick’s Day slots and win some cash with a bit of the Luck of the Irish

Sit down with some chilled, green beer this St. Patrick’s Day and play a slot or two online with lucky Leprechauns, Celtic crowns, and four-leaf clovers.
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Luck of the Irish slot games can make you that much richer in real money play

St. Patrick's day

Play St. Patrick’s Day slot games online by various leading gaming providers this year like with Rainbow Riches slot game by IGT, Best of Luck slot by Rival, Celtic Crown by Microgaming, and another Rival slot, Shamrock Isle with a wild, expanding Leprechaun.

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day: For many in the USA, eastern Canada, Australia and other locales, this is a day to celebrate one’s roots, a generations-long stretching back to the past to one’s great-great-grandmother living over there on the Emerald Isle. It’s an excuse to shrug off the shackles of membership in the world’s police state and call oneself Irish for a day. It’s also one of the few sartorially correct times to wear outlandish Kelly green clothing and a great excuse to drink way too much green beer, getting ornery drunk like a bear shaking off hibernation.

St. Patrick’s Day is also one helluva day to enjoy some of online casino gaming’s most jovial and verdant slots of all, namely St. Patrick’s Day slots.

What are some good St. Patrick’s Day slots games?

Why not start with, well, the St. Patrick’s Day slot game? Not only does this slot include two symbols immortalizing beer – take that, all you Oktoberfest-themed slots! – but it’s also got a quite compelling 10,000x jackpot payout possible on a single payline. (Incidentally, what’s the trip with green beer? Until I see a proper brewery actually craft the stuff, you’re not getting me to touch that food coloring-laden crap, not matter how much I want to puke green. Of course, I don’t have a chromosome of Gaelic in me…)

After that, you can spin the reels of about a treptillion of slots featuring Ireland, Irish babes, leprechauns, the rolling Irish countryside …. You get the idea. We’d especially recommend games like the high-paying Irish Cash Pub; the classic slot stylings of Pot O' Gold; the intricate video slot Shamrock Isle; the enticing Irish Eyes (you know what they say: "Once you go redhead, you never go back."); and the wacky 'n' lovingly insane Leprechaun Goes Egypt.

If you’re a rugby fan, you’ll know about the St. Patrick’s Day Test match played between the American and Irish national teams in mid-March. Check out the Odd Shaped Balls rugby-themed slot to get into a proper mood for the annual drubbing of Team USA.

Slots like this make this devotee wonder sometimes why the lot of ye even left Ireland in the first place. Ah, yes, the British overlords. And potato famines; surely, it’s no coincidence that a game called Potato Famine Jackpot Slots has yet to be invented.

What is St. Patrick’s Day all about, anyway?

St. Patrick’s Day is named for the patron saint of Ireland, a scholarly monk of international repute who lived from the late 4th to the mid-5th century. Though this rubbishy story about him chasing the snakes out of Ireland persists – dudes, it’s an island in Europe; there are no snakes native to the place and no stories of sailors unleashing serpents in Ireland has ever been unearthed.

Instead, St. Patrick serves as the patron saint of Ireland and a symbol of Gaelic culture itself.  Patrick helped bring Christianity and education to the island, and is credited with starting the recordkeeping that preserved many of the great texts of Europe as chaos and anarchy reigned for a couple centuries down south.

So play some of these slots in his honor – for free right here!

Luck only increases exponentially with St. Patrick’s Day slots featuring bonus rounds, free spins, expanding wild, Leprechauns, scatters and mutlipliers.
Play from as little a penny per payline in Shamrock Isle and still rack in the green for St. Patty’s Day.