Mutli-gods and demigods of ancient Greece reinvented for free play slots

Win up to £250,000 in Treasures of Troy slot where all it takes are 2 Trojan horses to get into bonus city in a 1024 ways to win Greek-mythology slot.
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Play Greek Mythology slot games and win some real money with the sages

Greek Mythology

The Greeks are still a part of modern-day culture and now more than ever in Greek-mythological slots. Play with the old Greek gods like Triton, god of the sea, spin with the Titans, and spar with the Spartans. Enter into Troy in a Trojan horse bonus rounds and gain entrance into jackpot city.

Despite the great majority of humanity alive today having left behind polytheism, the stories of Greek mythology still fascinate the Western world. And, like any topic in the universal subconscious, Greek myth is fodder for slots games. Even though we know the popularity of these millennia-old tales, you may be surprised at the sheer number of Greek mythology-themed slots out there. Just have a look…

What’s in Pandora’s Box?

Coinage! Pandora’s Box is a Greek mythology-themed slot with Pandora emerging from the city of Net Entertainment. Win up to 120,000 credits with a scatter Pandora opening her notorious box to wreak havoc and sorrows upon the world! Sounds like a win-win!

Can I actually find the Golden Fleece?

You can do the next best thing by wagering on the Jason and the Golden Fleece slots game, a “243 Ways to Win” slot that can be played for as little as 25¢ per spin. No need to earn a spot on the Argo, either; instead, the slots player can enjoy numerous bonus rounds, including 10 free spins and six “pick ‘em” video bonus rounds to choose from. As for the elusive object of Jason’s fancy, this Greek myth-themed slot *does* boast a top win of 220,000 coins – more immediately turned into liquid assets than a golden fleece, for sure…

Are the Titans from Tennessee?

Not the Titans in Stash of the Titans! This mythological slot has a theme somewhere between actual Greek myth and the 1981 cinematic take starring Harry “L.A. Law” Hamlin. The symbols – mostly all characters of lore – are simultaneously creepy and compelling, but gawking at this game’s voluptuous Medusa might get you a 200,000-coin payout, and it says here that’s way better than turning to stone.

Does Zeus thunder on in online slots?

You bet. The aptly-named Thundering Zeus is rollicking good time, storm clouds be damned (literally). But for over 10 years, the real attention-grabbers among Greek myth-themed slots are Microgaming’s Thunderstruck slots. The original game and its sequels have consistently drwawn jackpot-loving players to the online casinos in pursuit of the huge payouts these games can spill.

What was the hottest spot in Ancient Greece?

It had to have been Mount Olympus, still a popular virtual destination for even mere mortals at casinos online. Check out the single-payline classic slot Olympia (a sort of combination of Olympic Games theme and Ancient Greek myth), the Battle for Olympus, Coins of Olympus or the oddly-named Olympus Evolution. This last slots game features Zeus, Athena, Mercury and more cavorting about the place and perhaps playing Mah Jongg? Go figure.

Is it true what they say about Medusa?

You mean that she turns onlookers to stone with a single glance? That’s how the stories go, anyway. For some reason, casion software developers seem to find this character the most fascinating of all in Greek mythology. Slots featuring the snaky-haired Gorgon includeMedusa, Medusa 2, Medusa Eyes of Fire and Medusa’s Gaze. Medusa’s Gaze is particularly insane (and addictive). Check out Medusa’s head implanted in the center of the gameboard. You’ll be praising Perseus’s name every time you hit a fat win on this game…

Spartan Warrior slot by Rival features the city of Sparta with up to 100 free spins with a 3x multiplier for 5 golden helmets. Choose a weapon and an opponent in a bonus round for additional casino coins. Play for fun or for real with 3 or more shields triggering the bonus round.
Greek mythology continues in online slots for casino players.