The Aztecs are back in Meso-American themed slot games with no download

Within the catalogue of slots games online today are the popular set of Aztec themed games. These games include tribal imagery in jungle settings with Aztec pyramids filled with casino treasure.
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Play Aztec slot machines online for fun or for real cash with the Sun God

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Generous Aztec slots are making a comeback on the reels of various slots games with impressive Aztec themes and imagery. Find the gold buried beneath ancient Aztec temples, play with Aztec symbols that bring fortune and good luck. Discover an entire range of Aztec games for the picking where the jungles of Meso-America are teeming once again with priceless treasures and gold aplenty.

When the Europeans first made contact with the people we know call “Aztecs” – the appellation was never actually used by the Nahuatl people who dominated Mexico into the 16th century – they boasted a vibrant culture; sophisticated trading and educational systems; and incredibly rich mythological tapestry. If only it hadn’t been for that whole human sacrifice thing, we might today literally have Aztec slot games.

Unfortunately for humankind and slots aficionados alike, the Aztec people were wiped out by disease and by the blade in the merciless advance of the Spanish. These are the games which celebrate our fascination with that old empire civilization…

What are common features in Aztec slots?

Aztec-themed slots have a few symbols in common, icons of the civilization. Literally any Aztec slots game you’ll play will feature the pyramids in some fashion, either as symbol, backdrop or bonus-round fodder. Most Aztec slots will include some representation of the Aztec gods’ visages and perhaps a regional animal or two. Naturally, a few games hint at rumpy-pumpy, probably most insanely in the 3D video slot Aztec Treasures, which features a – get this – “Love Hut Bonus Round.” So, yeah.

What are some good Aztec-themed slots?

We hate to go to the old copout cliché, but it knida depends on what you like. Among progressive jackpot seekers, the first (and probably last) stop at the online casino will be in front of the Aztec Treasure Progressive slot game. Note the singular form on “Treasure”: this slot is utterly unrelated to the aforementioned Aztec *Treasures” and its potentially morally questionable Love Hut bonus.

The cartoony, 3D Rook’s Revenge involves the wacky shenanigans of the title character with some still pretty impressive animated effects. This slot was well-hyped upon its launch at hundreds of online casinos and is still worth a few spins today, particularly for that 2.33 million credit (!) jackpot payout.

And if you’re looking for something totally different, check out Secret Jewels of Azteca. (You bet they were secret; have you ever heard of such a thing before?) In the Secret Jewels game, a semi-circular board contains a load of gems and five paylines extending outward from the center of the wheel. Despite the odd format, the game plays similarly to slots in general, with four wilds on a payline worth a $250,000 jackpot.

How can I play Aztec-themed slots online?

Aztecs are ruling the reels of various slots games today. Play them for fun on our website for absolutely free by simply clicking on a game that you like and waiting for the popup to kick in. Play to your heart’s content with no downloading necessary!

If you’d like to play for real money – and take a swing at some of those ridiculous jackpots mentioned above – click on any link to a partnering website of Live Casino Direct. At these reputable and independently audited online casinos, you many register for real game play. Visions of gold and imagery of the ancient world recreated for the modern day casino player in Aztec slots.

Try Aztec slots games for those who are still interested in the rich culture of the Aztecs. Play in bonus rounds that will take players into the ancient tombs where Aztec treasure is just waiting to be found. The Aztecs lived knee high in gold and now you can too.
Venture through a jungle of Aztec-themed slots, a popular subset of casino games today.