The legendary queen of Egypt - Cleopatra slots online for free fun play

This part on LiveCasinoDirect features Egyptian themed slots machine games - they are so fantastic. Our casino slots games will surely remind players of ancient times with the legendary queen of Egypt - Cleopatra
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Enjoy Ancient Egypt slots with Cleopatra, Pyramids and some ancient relics

Ancient Egypt

Playtech’s creative stroke in another of an Egyptian-themed game called Queen of the Pyramids progressive jackpot slot has imagery of King Tutand a unicorn bonus feature game. This is a 5-reel, 9 payline slot that will win players free money and fun with a wild Pharaoh and a scampering, scattering scorpion slinking across the reels. In an era where Kings and Queens took their gold and treasures into the afterlife, players can now take their fortunes home for today.

How popular are Ancient Egypt-themed slots? Popular enough to merit two individual pages here at Live Casino Direct – only USA-themed slots can boast such a distinction, if you’re keeping score at home. This spillage-over of dozens of slots titles is hardly unique to us, however; entire websites are devoted to the ancient culture of Egypt, as depicted in casino game format.

Ever since Howard Carter cracked open the final storage place of King Tut back in 1923, Egyptology has fascinated folks worldwide. Though slot machines predate this obsession by a good few decades, you can bet that ol’ (actually young) Tut, Cleopatra, the Sphinx and the Pyramids were among the first slots not done up in fruit machine style. And by the 1950s, Ancient Egypt slots could be seen throughout Las Vegas…

What’s in Ancient Egypt slots?

As stated above, this is one popular theme for slot machines. The corollary question would be: What do you like? For progressive jackpot seekers, your first stop is Cleopatra (look for the IGT brand and beware imitators). This little beauty of a slot has been paying out six- and seven-figure jackpots since its launch online in 2006. But those in the know already knew this.

In video slots, the Egyptian sky is essentially the limit. Among a tremendous group of games, we’ll recommend Treasures of Isis, a 20-payline game with rich graphic texture and a symbol set loaded with icons of Ancient Egypt; a nice soundtrack and $200,000 jackpot are worth noting as well. And there’s no way we’re letting you leave this page without informing about Leprechaun Goes Egypt, an inspired bit of goofy fun with lots of bonus features and video rounds in addition.

For a unique play, try the Pharaoh’s Gold slot. This game has eight paylines, but each payline is determined by the spinning of a single reel – plus a $100,000 jackpot payout. This slot’s a nice deviation from the norm, particularly for players of classic slots.

What are the most popular Egyptian slots?

If you’ve spent any time looking into online casino games at all, you’ve surely heard tell of Book of Ra slots. (And yes, here “slots” is used correctly and not merely for search engine optimization purposes.) When the original Book of Ra was launched, rumors soon followed of “cheats” and “hacks” that players could supposedly employ to beat Book of Ra. Slots online of course don’t necessarily work like that and, while the hacking of a single slot machine at a casino or two doesn’t seem completely unlikely, we’re thinking that the average slots player has no chance of doing so; here’s a tip, by the way: Don’t buy into any hacks or systems promising to beat Book of Ra.

Because of the persistent rumor, still occasionally denied by online casino operators in order to generate more short-term interest in the game via reverse psychology of the masses, Book of Ra remains popular and a number of sequels and knockoffs have been spawned.

The aforementioned Cleopatra slots game by IGT is one of the internet’s all-time most popular games, never mind the subgenre of Ancient Egypt slots, while Cleopatra’s Gold, Gods of the Nile and Pharaoh’s Gold have proven popular enough to warrant continued play and sequels.

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