Conquer with history slots of war, myth and tales of ancient civilizations

Make the slot history books with themed-slots machines glorifying not only the all mighty dollar but the ancient treasures and secrets of the past. The Pharaoh's of old are being resurrected from the dead, but this time, in order to spread their riches amongst the living.
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History-themed slots, games depicting the past with slick technology


Some slots games highlight certain historical periods: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Exploration and Discovery, Spartans, Gladiators, WWI, WWII, and The Age of the Dinosaurs. Retro Slots cover the pop culture of the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. Other slot machines are popular with historical figures like Marilyn Monroe in Blond Legend slot. For those gambling, history buffs, now even slot machines can be educational.

Additional game themes to refine your choice

“History, history! We fools, what do we know or care?” – William Carlos Williams.

“Hey, it’s all about the online slots, WCW.” – this website

History is a rich resource for internet casino software producers, as evidenced by the incredible range of history-themed slot games now installed in virtual gamerooms everywhere. Not necessarily known for factual accuracy per se, history-themed online slots settle for the milieu of a given time and place that you may have heard about in high school or university. Within a context of anything from ancient history to retro-style looks at a few decades back, history-themed slots hope to fully immerse the player in yesteryear.

What are history-themed slots?

Admittedly here at Live Casino Direct, we’ve got a bit of a loose interpretation of the word “history.” As most events in human history can sadly be summed up under the category “war,” see our war-themed slot games page on this website. At that page, you may enjoy Bronze Age battles and skirmishes at sea, slots-style.

For our purposes, we’re defining “history slots” as those games focused on specific eras of history which get a lot of play at casinos.

What slots games are themed on history?

Ancient Egypt is likely the most popular historical era ever in terms of online slot themes. Stuff like 1950s America and World War II lag well behind the culture of sarcophagi and necropolises. Click on this icon to get your fill of slot games starring the Pharaohs, King Tut, Ramses, Cleopatra and the enterprising, adventuring archaeologists who came centuries later to look for their stuff. Those dreaming of life-changing jackpots will definitely want to play the progressive jackpot slot Cleopatra.

The Western (and particularly American) fascination with pre-Colombian Mesoamericans cultures is well represented in casinos online – and plenty of slots with the word “Aztec” in the title are ready for the playing. Aztec Treasures is an example of a traditional 5-reel game, while Aztec Treasures Progressive is, well, you guessed it. Gonzo’s Quest is a cartoony 3D slot, and Secret Jewels of the Aztecs is an interesting twist on the way slots are played. (Gee, if we’re so fascinated with these people now, maybe we shouldn’t have, you know, killed them off so effectively…)

In Europe, the Ancient Greeks straddled the temporal line between superstitious pre-history and “Western civilization,” and what we study from this time periods shows such. Greek Mythology gets quite a workout at online casino websites, and you may enjoy these stories done up in slots fashion right here.

Is time travel possible?

Though time travel sadly remains impossible, at least slot players can experience past days at the favorite online casinos as they look to improve their own financial futures…

History slots for the more sophisticated slots players who want to look smart while they play.
Play in progressive jackpot history slots or in traditional one-liners.