Prospecting for Gold slots? The Wild West continues although slightly less wild

No panning for gold in freezing, cold Rocky Mountain rivers or rigging underground mines with dynamite to discover gold here. Find gold easier than ever with the click of your mouse and the spin of the reels of gold slots for all.
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Gold-centric slots include Mining, Bank, Egyptian, Pirate and Wild West themes

gold themed slot machines

Gold is still gold from whatever era you come from and now winning it and hoarding it is easier than from any other time in history. Forget having to cross the middle of America in covered wagons and dodging Indian arrows and nighttime scalping raids. Instead come to our online casino portal to find all the gold themed slots available for you. Get directed straight to the gold games you want to play and try them out for fun, and when you’re ready, play them for real. Vote on the games you like and even post your favorite gold slots on Facebook.

“Jay’s like King Midas /
As I was told /
Everything thing he would touch /
Would turn to gold…” – “Peter Piper,” Run D.M.C.

Gold bars, gold coins, gold nuggets and gold casino coins. Gold comes in all forms and is a big slot theme amongst online slots players. Find a storehouse of gold themed slot games online with our casino directory. Play in gold-themed slots with interactive bonus rounds in video slots, in progressive jackpot, slots, or in classic slot machines – the precious metal is well-represented everywhere!

Is there any way you’ll get through this without including the word “gold” a lot?

Not likely. As of this writing, Live Casino Direct hosts over 80 games with the words “gold” or “golden” in the title already; not included in the informal count are innumerable leprechaun-themed slots which invariably include that mythical pot o’ the stuff at thendend of the rainbow.

And if one fact is inevitable in the world of online casino software creation, it’s that another slots game with “gold” or “golden’ in the title is coming right down the pike…

What are some quality gold-themed slots?

Quite a number to choose from among here … in video slots, we dig on Liquid Gold, part of Microgmaing’s “Liquid” slots trilogy also featuring Silver and Platinum. If you’re into classic slot machines, single-payline Gold Rush, 3-payline Strike Gold and 5-payline Irish Gold are great places to start; you’ll also want to consider Golden Goals, a fruit machine-style slot on five reels. Good stuff there.

Progressive jackpot slot aficionados surely need no urging to play Golden Tour or Aztecs Treasure, a couple of slots with randomly-awarded progressive jackpots.

Is all that glitters gold?

All that glitters in not gold, they used to say. Perhaps anything shiny that looks just like it may be a sign that you can’t always trust what you see. On our website, though, gold may be just the thing to make your day pass easier when this glimmering metal appears on slot game reels.

Play gold-themed slots or any of our thousands of top-quality casino games for free right here. Simply click on the game you’d like to play and that’s it! No downloads are needed, no spamming will result as you enjoy free slots at Live Casino Direct.

Can I play gold slots for real money?

You sure can! Gold-themed slots – including the progressive jackpot slot machine games – are available to play for real money; check our pages for independently audited, insured online casino websites for great play that’s safe and secure. American players may note that among our partnering sites are casinos accepting U.S. players.

Take your pick and strike a claim for the brightest gold slots that can be assembled. You can count on the golden smiles that lead you to these golden encounters every time you depart from your typical reality. In the end, who knows? You just might end up being your own personal King Midas!

Check the slots paytable for more specific payout information and read slots reviews on how to play. Win gold with Wild West themed slots that feature gold miners or bank-themed games and money factory casino games.
Read about the top payouts for gold slots and the special bonus features for specific games with our easy to read and expansive slots guide.