Enjoy Food slot games with a variety of games from Sweets to Chinese munchies

Oui! Oui! The latest food slot is by Rival, French Cuisine, worthy of a 5 star with culinary mice that stepped out of the Pixar-animated film, Ratatouille. It's a 3D progressive jackpot that is serving up than a mere side dish.
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Food-themed slot games: Classic fruit machines and more slot play


The chef’s table of food slots includes quite a few courses. To start, Jacques Pot slot by Rival Gaming is a unique addition to the brew with this 5 reel 20 payliner. This slot includes a ‘burger creation’ bonus round. Salsa slot is a spicy 25 payliner that offers tequila on the reels to wash down winnings in case the spice gets too hot. Then there is Top Game’s,Extra Cheese, Please slot that’s piping hot out of the oven of innovative food-themed slots. In Sweets Surprise slot players will be enticed by cupcakes, pies, ice cream and donuts, all of which will raise blood sugar levels to new heights. Fruit Slot of all the fruit slots out there has a coconut banging sound when the reels lock in place for its quarky defining feature.

Ever since the early days of the aptly-named “fruit machine,” food has been a popular motif in the world of slot games. Nowadays, though slots with the old cherry-orange-grape schema are still being produced, online casino software producers have diversified into all manner of cuisines to enthrall the player.

If you’re not up for the old-fashioned pub slot, your options are next to limitless in food-themed online slot games. You might prepare meals with a chef, virtually gorge on American food at the ballgame, browse a selection of sweets or even cavort about with animated anthropomorphized fruits and veggies.

Internet casinos are serving up a full-course meal’s worth of food-themed online slot games, so take your appetite (for casino gaming) to your favorite outlet for a chance at some tasty spins and big wins in fun, high-tech slots.

What kind of food can I find in online slots games?

Oh, an entire smorgasbord of international cuisine! Imagine it and it’s probably there: We’ve got slot games featuring cuisines Japanese (Sushi Express, Sushi Bar); Chinese (Chinese Kitchen, Fortune Cookie); French (Cafe de Paris, Jacques Pot); Italian (Mamma Mia, Pizza Prize, Crazy Pizza); German (about a zillion sausage-laden Oktoberfest-themed slots); Mexican (Mexican Cook, Chilli Gold, Paco and the Popping Peppers); American (Cherries Diner); Indian (Cash 'n' Curry) and candy (Sugar Pop, Candy Land).

(Now we know “candy” isn’t a cuisine per se, but a lot of folks treat it as such – and it’s certainly a popular theme among food slots.)

In the “miscellaneous” sub-category, we can add a couple more: What’s Cooking is a 30-line video slot with a flavor for rendering the culinary arts into more than a mere sloppy side dish. Food Fight in a 9-payline extravaganza in which foods to virtually throw and splatter include pasta, tomatoes, pizza, pudding and burgers. Look for the ice cream cone scatter bonus and the three slices of pie for the food fight bonus feature.

And check it out: We just recommended one zillion and 17 slots without even getting to fruit machines and other slots in which fruits are primary among the symbols.

Do food-themed games make you want to eat more?

The answer surprisingly is, in a majority of cases, no.

A study commissioned by Digital entertainment services company RealGames Inc in 2008 stated that, among dieters, 59% agreed that “playing casual games provides a positive distraction from snacking and/or overeating” and 28% “reported using game play as a means to reduce their food intake.”

Will food-themed online slots make you hungry? Quite possibly – but working up an appetite for winning spins and jackpot bonuses seems more likely.

Can I play food-themed slots for free?

Yes! So without the calorie-adding or budget-busting nature of the games right here at Live Casino Direct, you have no excuse! For free play, simply click on the slot game you desire to play and ta dah! Free play for as long as you’d like!

To play for real money, simply click on one of the partnered casino websites listed on our pages. All casinos have been quality-controlled by independent international auditors for our players’ safety and security.

Fruit Slot is a beautifully-rendered slot that is much more than just palatable with bonus rounds and free money and coins to give away.
Get back at your enemies by throwing pies and winning free coins, how's that for a full-course meal of slots!