Enjoy your fantasy in Fairy Tale slots games like Pinocchio and Goldilocks

Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest, there was a multitude of varying slots games. Of these slot games none was quite as beautiful as fairy-tale themed slots where magic, money, and fantasy are one in the same.
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Fairy tale slots online: Write your own "happily ever after" ending and win!

Fairy tales

Pass through the fiery furnace of Mordor in The Lord of the Rings™ slot by Microgaming in a 243 ways to win epic slot with a variety of other fairy tales too to relive like with old favorites like Rapunzel and Pinocchio. So throw down your hair and become a 'real' winner with the magic and fanfare of fairy tale slots.

Fairy tale slots are those online casino games based on childhood tales of princesses and kingdoms, magic spells and twisted witches, and princes transmogrified into frogs. Aside from the fun colorful surroundings of such games and the immediate nostalgia, the appeal of fairy tale-themed slots online is obvious: After all, the player is trying to create his/her own fairy tale by winning that life-changing jackpot, right?

Which characters star in fairy tale-themed slots?

Among the many favorites of lore starring in popular fairy tale-themed slots online are Hansel & Gretel (in Candy Cottage), Pinocchio (in the slot of the same name), the Three Little Pigs (Big Bad Wolf, Little Pigs Strike Back, Three Little Piggies), Rapunzel (Rapunzel’s Tower), Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk, Enchanted Beans), Cinderella (The Glass Slipper), Snow White (Seven Lucky Dwarves), Sleeping Beauty (Fairest of Them All) and Prince Charming (Super Lucky Frog)  and Alice (Alice and the Red Queen, Alcie in Wonderland). For some reason Alice in Wonderland is particularly popular, and Lewis Carroll’s creation has received many an internet slot adaptation.

And what do you call a fairy tale?

Here at Live Casino Direct, we’re expanding the definition of “fairty tale-themed slots” to include a bit more than the standard German-derived Euro-American favorites. Tales of the Arabian Nights and myths from the world of genies are also included on this page. (Hey, it ain’t all frogs and babes, everybody…)

No matter which slot game you choose from our collection of fairy tale-themed slots, you’re sure to be told a story of wonder and fantastical occurrences…

What are some recommended fairy tale slot game?

We enjoy all of the titles listed directly above, but also of note within the subgenre of fairy tale-themed slots are a couple of 3D games from Betsoft: Enchanted and Once Upon a Time. Net Entertainment showcases a great couple of fairy tale slots in games like Trolls and Super Lucky Frog.

Will there be a happy ending?

Now this is why they call it gambling – we cannot guarantee a win on games of chances such as slots. (Though we can promise that, if playing for real money, you can get some nice bonus money from any of the partnering casinos of Live Casino Direct.)

The online casino is made a bit more magical with an inclusion of fairy tale-themed slots installed in the virtual game room. These heroes and heroines of children’s books (not to mention the inevitable Disney animated film) are there for your enjoyment – and hopefully, winnings.

Try out some fairy tale slots at any online casino and here’s wishing you luck in writing your own story’s ending; may you win big and live happily ever after.

Try uniquely created fairytale slots games like Swamp of Fortune by 888 and Super Lucky Frog by Net Entertainment where good fairytales are still being created today.
Enjoy an old favorite like Pinocchio slot where you don’t have to be a real boy to win.