Egyptian slots for players who are searching for the Eye of Ra for real money

Play with the power of the ancient Egyptians in Egyptian-themed slots where winning is just like being raised from the dead. Enter into the promised land now with Egyptian-themed slots and say goodbye to being a slave.
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Ancient Egypt-themed slots games: Party with Cleopatra and the Sphinx

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The ancient pyramids aren’t so ancient after all with a savvy collection of Egyptian-themed slots online. Play with King Tut and all the pharaohs and reveal hidden treasures of your own. Enter into the great pyramids of Egypt, play Egyptian slots with images of the eye of Ra, scarab beetles, and learn the hieroglyphics of the Egyptian slot language. It isn’t complicated, it goes, click, whirl, click, whirl – and then perhaps gain entrance to the top jackpot chamber.

The culture of Ancient Egypt has long been a source of fascination worldwide and ever since the dawn of slot machines have been a popular motif in casinos and pubs. Maybe it’s the lucky scarabs and stylistic hieroglyphics; maybe it’s the majesty of the Pyramids and the glamor of pharaohs; maybe it’s merely the admiration of any empire at its historical height … whether the reason, Egyptian-themed slots are well-represented at essentially every online casino.

What are Cleopatra slots?

Ah, you may have noticed whole webpages, sections or even entire website devoted to Cleopatra slots. Cleo is of course the star of dozens of Ancient Egyptian-themed slots; several game are named after her, and she appears in innumerable games within the subgenre. In other titles, King Tut rules or simply the symbols of the culture own the reels. Party with Cleopatra and the rest while seeking a jackpot payout of many sesterces.

What can I expect from an Egyptian-themed slots game?

Any of the Egyptian-themed slot games is an invitation to the player to travel through time and into the long ago past – but with action and payouts that are distinctly 21st century, so welcome back to a great ancient culture in Egypt-themed slots online.

Marvel at the majesty of this once-great empire and all its requisite lucky symbols. In a typical Ancient Egyptian-themed slots game, you’ll have some combination of scarabs, ankhs, hieroglyphics, the eye of Osiris and such. Naturally also popular among casino game designers/developers are those Ancient Wonders of the World, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. King Tut, the youthful leaders so commonly associated with the Pyramids, stars or co-stars in nearly as many slots as Cleopatra.

The gods themselves may make appearances in Egyptian-themed slots: The cat-, dog-, and bird-headed deities are ready to pay out in some games…

What casino software producers make Egyptian-themed slots?

All of them! No, seriously. Not a single casino software producer worth its salt would dare release a game catalogue without including at least one Egyptian-themed slot. And every single online casino out there will be sure to stock at (very) least one such game as well.

What’s a good Ancient Egyptian slot?

So many! Perhaps the most popular among a popular subgenre is IGT’s Cleopatra progressive jackpot slot – for obvious reasons; that’ll be covered in our section on Cleopatra-specific slot games, so please check out that page.

You’ve probably heard of the insanely popular Book of Ra slot and its sequels already. You can pigeonhole that one into the theme of Ancient Egypt, though this slot is themed on the actual archaeological recovery of Egypt artifacts.

Also of note are the Gods of the Nile slots and the very trippy Secrets of Horus. And nothing tops the bizarre insanity that is Leprechaun Goes Egypt…

So don’t cry out for mummy. Play Egyptian-themed slots, and you’ll find you don't have to wait until you reach the afterlife to live dreams of opulence.

Enter into the tombs of ancient pyramids with Egyptian-themed slots. You don't have to be a mummy to win.
Egyptian slot machines are extremely popular amongst slots players, here are a few to choose from.