Play Desert slot and Ride the reels on a horse with no name onto the sunset

Three Wishes and Shia Safavid’s Treasure are our Arabian Night slots. Betsoft’s Three Wishes is one of the more realistic with all kinds of spectacular 3D animation making for an entertaining slot experience where swinging monkeys and charmed snakes do more than just perform tricks.
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Desert-themed slots: Enjoy the aridity with these games and try to win money


Some just like it hot with Desert-themed slots where the best of treasure is found in a dry and thirsty land. Play in progressive jackpot desert slots like Coyote Cash, Desert Treasure and Pharaoh’s King slots. Discover an oasis of wins and prime casino slots fun with 3D animated games by Betsoft like in Three Wishes slot, an Arabian Night tale with golden reels and change-giving monkeys.

Hot enough for ya? If not, try an escape to the world of desert-themed online slots games. These excellent examples of slot gaming fun may take you to the arid regions of the great American southwest, the fantastical sands of classic Persia or the ever-popular milieu of Ancient Egypt.

Whether it’s the mystical sands of Ancient Egypt and Persia or the modern-day land of Mexico, sometimes the slot player just has a hankering for blistering hot aridity. For these folks, we recommend desert-themed online slots.

By “desert slots,” don’t you just mean “Egyptian slots”?

True, Ancient Egypt has always been one of the most popular motifs in the slot milieu from well before the days of PCs making things so simple for the player. To this end, nearly every casino has at least one scarab-laden game headed up by Cleopatra or King Tutankhamen – and several outlets stock quite a few specifically Cleopatra-themed slots.

But there’s so much more!

From Persia, there are tales of magic carpets and wish-granting genies against that familiar desert backdrop: Check out Three Wishes, Aladdin’s Loot, Aladdin’s Legacy and Genie’s Fortune, among many others. Further afield in the sands of Arabia, try Arabian Oasis, Crazy Camel Cash or even go as far as Morocco

Meanwhile, jalapeños and cacti consort to heap big winnings on the lucky player in desert-themed slots with a Mexican bent. How about Mexican Cook, Paco and the Popping Peppers and Day of the Dead slot games, just to name a few. Enjoy them now before Trump’s wall goes up! (And look for more Mexico- and food-themed games in the appropriate section of “themes” here at Live Casino Direct!)

Naturally, America’s own desert out west is well represented – typically with cowboys and that lot. Just off the top of our heads, we can recommend slots like Lucky Luke (actually based on an old French comic book – nice), Gunslinger, Cowgirl Ranch, Cowboy Treasure, Freaky Cowboys and Freaky Wild West.

Even Australia contributes to the subgenre with games such as the Red Sands slot.

Regardless of the region you land in, any of the below-listed desert-themed slot games are sure to interest the serious player with smart design and top-notch video.

So should I play desert-themed slots?

Absolutely! Drop everything and head to the desert-themed slots at your favorite casino. You won’t even need to bring extra water – you can leave the camel in its pen and enjoy as many cervezas as you wish…

Some like it hot, they say, and few can stand the heat better than players of desert-themed online slot games. Check your favorite internet casinos for slots from this subgenre; the only thing hotter than the climate is the winning! Cleopatra, cacti, magic carpets, scorpions, scarabs … they all await in desert-themed online slot games. Test your spinning skills against the fearsome climate of desert sands at any internet casino. 

Look for new desert slots machines coming out all the time with a casino directory categorizing them just for you.
Camels, magic carpets, golden lanterns, coyotes and Pharaoh’s make up Desert slots.