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Now not only is the world turning in “As the World Turns” in soap opera land, but in slots land as well with “As the Reels Turn 3” by Rival. Play Rival games, slots approved for US players.
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Cowboys and Indians and all things related to the 50-nifty United States


The US may be up in arms over the whole online gambling thing but Rival is a trusted and esteemed player in the market that creates online slots for US players. Find the best of what US slots players are playing online with a gambling guide that shows no partiality to a virtual world that has long since, gone flat.

How about a little red, white and blue in your life? Or a lot, come to think of it? While the United States of America has been characterized as a god-fearin’, neo-puritanical land, Las Vegas and Native American casinos have set international standards in “real-life” gambling for three-quarters of a century. And while the USA is known as a bastion of personal freedom, laws on internet gambling are among the world’s most draconian.

No matter: The point of this page is to demonstrate the USA-*themed* slots remain in plentiful supply online. So fly the flag, see the shores of shining seas, salute the trump, and eat the food (and then have a colonoscopy) in the good ol’ U. S. of A., slots-style.

So how many red, white and blue slots are there out there?

Tons. Just off the top of our heads, we can recommend Sevens and Stripes, Stars and Stripes and All-American from among our extensive classic slots game collection. In terms of video slots, we particularly like the red, white and blue-bedecked American Way, which unfortunately has nothing to do with Superman, but instead offers 20 free spins and extra wilds in said free games.

Also of note is American Splendor, which unfortunately has nothing to do with Harvey Pekar’s amazing comic book series of that name but does allow high-stakes wagering and includes a “wheel of fortune”-type video bonus round with huge payouts.

Are there slots based on American locations?

Yes, sirree, Bob, as they say! Beyond a plethora of Las Vegas-themed slots, any player can virtually tour America’s hot spots through USA-themed slots. Visit the jazz ‘n’ Cajun cooking capital in the Jazz of New Orleans slot; bite the Big Apple in Tails of New York or the simply-titled New York City; and/or visit the last (but by no means least) state to enter the Union in the Hawaiian Gods slot.

O, and if you’d like to travel in time as well as space, any decent online casino will be certain to supply more than one Wild West-themed slot.

So what are the current USA gambling laws?

As of this writing in the dawn of the Trump Administration, prevailing law regarding playing at online casinos is still the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), ramrodding through Congress as an 11th-hour addition to the utterly unrelated SAFE Port Act – much of which has been subsequently repealed, by the way. UIGEA calls for financial institutions to disallow by law transactions between private or public entities and online gaming providers.

Intriguingly, despite the apparent awkwardness of the UIGEA’s call for banks to play law enforcement officers, Canadian law regarding non-provincial government-approved casino websites is virtually identical to the US’s law.

So are online casinos accepting US players? Canadian players?

Although slots for US and Canada players can be limited compared to what is available globally for most other players of other countries, many slots games remain available. Here US slots players will find all the slots action available for them from the land of the free, and home of the brave, for all those who believe in their right to choose, even as far as a good slot is concerned.

Enjoy playing casino slots in the privacy of your own home, on your laptop, PC, or cell phone, anytime, anywhere – just click on any link to a partnering website of Casino Canada and you’re free to enjoy great games! 

USA casino players, there is no shortage of slots for you, we’re talking slots for every kind of American holiday, every type of American sport, slots with American junk food, television shows, celebrities, movies, music and the list goes on.
We pledge our coins on the old, mighty slot with Rival slots for US players.