Russian themed slot games from the Motherland for some cold online play

Play Russian slots like From Russia with Love by Playtech with lots of vodka, balalaikas and onions to go with it! Other slots for Russians include Russian Attack by Top Game with the hammer-and-sickle as the highest paying out symbol and Day of the Tsar by Microgaming with a Scatter Faberge Egg.
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The Tsar of Russia is even playing slots in games like Day of the Tsar


Whether it’s an old, traditional-style slot like Russian Attack or a 5 reel slot with special features, like the two: Day of the Tsar and From Russia with Love, Russian slots are quite inventive although few. Russian Attack slot by Top Game has Soviet spy mystique decked out in blacks and reds with hammer and sickle symbols that can win Russian players up to 6,000 coins with 3 sickles in all.

In 21st-century America, Russians are thought of along similar lines as the mafia or FBI: A shady force that we fear and abhor, yet can't stop glorifying in cheesy TV and movies. Maybe it’s the fear, in the waning days of American Empire, that the Russians (in tandem with all that industrial support from China) are the world’s new power.

My fellow Americans, perhaps it is time to start playing Russian slots…

What about intrigue and adventure in Russian slots?

And thus begins our examination of the above-described American fascination with Russians-as-bad-guys. The Girls with Guns slots series features a trio of heroic American combat-trained babes (it’s a Charlie’s Angels meets James Bond meets Tomb Raider kinda thing) taking on (presumably) Russian intelligence and special forces. And in Girls With Guns 2: Frozen Dawn, those dirty (commies) Ruskies are even doing their dirty deeds in Canda! Canada, for Gordie Howe’s sake! Grrrrr, curse those no-goodniks!

And here’s a neat little paean to a briefly-lived news story: Check out the Catch Anna Chapman slot! (One supposes Catch Anna Vasilyevna Kushchyenko is a bit harder to sell in most markets…) Anna was a Russian citizen who emigrated to the UK and later the US, marrying and dating up along the way, and was eventually busted as a spy in good ol’ New York City in 2010. It’s quite a clever theme for a slot game, a seeming mix of realpolitik and Hollywood tale.

Do you spell it “tsar” or “czar”?

According to casino software designers, you can go either way. (They’re right, of course, for as we know, the Cyrillic alphabet uses different letters and thus spelling of Russian words in Englihs may be somewhat arbitrary.)

A handful of games celebrate the days of Dostoyevsky during Peter II’s reign over Rssia. The sumptuousness is well captured in the Day of the Tsar slot, which features a rather tame version of Russian Roulette after the free spins bonus round, but hey, you can quadruple your winnings! The Great Czar slot is far less compelling, as the nice Faberge eggs of Day of the Tsar are eschewed by the unimaginative A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols.

Is the Russian Attack coming?

We don’t know about that, but we can turn you on to the classic slot stylings of Russian Attack, which in actuality might be more appropriately called Soviet Attack. Relive the darker side of 1980s America, i.e. the constant fear of nuclear war, in the Russian Attack slot. In this game, the hammer-and-sickle symbol is the highest-paying and the nicely ogleable Soviet Army babe adds to the allure.

Are any Russia slots not about war or political antagonism?

We’re recommending the fantastic Ice Hockey everywhere else, so let’s give it a shoutout here as well. Russia has one of the world’s few sporting cultures in which hockey is more popular than soccer and basketball. Team Russia plays in the Ice Hockey slot along with the world’s other hockey-obsessed nations like Canada, Sweden and Finland in a fast-paced, exciting slots game.

See Russian slots aren’t all scary…

Russia is moving up the ranks as a super power in the world of online casino slots with slots like Russian Attack, From Russia with Love and Day of the Tsar.
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