Arriba! for Mexican jumping beans, oops, I mean for Mexican-themed slots

Drink another tequilla and chase it down with another worm in Salsa slot with armadillos and cacti just across the slots border. It's a Mexican slot with the spice and senoritas to keep the reels hot. Play in Aztec Treasure Progressive, another Mexican slot, this one by Betsoft with a progressive jackpot.
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Tequila and Taquerias, spicy and sexy online Mexican slot machines


Oh the sweet and spicy life of Mexico. Head on down to the border for more than a dose of tequilla and carnitas. Play Mexican-themed slots like Aztec Treasure by Betsoft, a game with a robust sense of humor and high coin payouts.

Sometimes Mexico takes shots politically from its neighbors to the north, yet paradoxically folks in the ‘States tend to love most aspects of Mexican culture – especially the food (even Trump likes taco salads!). Mexico-themed slots are common in most online casinos, with the local cuisine and the country’s pre-Colombian history, i.e. that of the Aztec peoples.

So who’s ready to head south of the border, with or without Trump’s wall of lore, to play some Mexico-themed slots?

Are you hungry for Mexican food games?

You probably should be at the next visit to the online casino. For the foodies among the slots game playing lot, there’s Mexican Cook, a colorful 15-payline penny slot; Paco and the Popping Peppers, with 30 paylines, free spins and something called the "Popping Tomato Multiplier Meter”; and the eccentrically-spelled Chilli Gold slot, which packs mucho punch for the peso in expanding wilds and big bonus multipliers.

We’d also note the wacky Las Cucas Locas, a combination of icons of Mexican culture (the piñata), cuisine (tacos), booze (tequila and Magaritas!) and funny animals, i.e. the cockroach of the title. And before you doubt the wisdom of teaming a gnarly insect with tasty food, recall teh success of the film "Ratatouille" and get back to us. (Hey, since the game designers shortened "Cucarachas" to "Cucas", should we shorten "cockroach" to "cock"? Just a thought...)

What’s a good slots game about Mexican culture?

We’d recommend the hilarious and original Mad Piñatas. The “Mad” here is clearly used in the sense of “crazy,” as the piñatas remain the smashees rather than the smashers in this slot; we’ll have to wai for the almost-inevitable “Piñatas’ Revenge” slot for that, we suppose. In this slots game, the player smashies piñatas appearing in the middle reels to earn free spins – and yep, the video bonus round also compels you to destroy more, with the game’s low-paying symbols: baeball bats, swords and chiansaws (!) among them.

Are there Aztec-themed slots games as well?

Indeed! Enough to fill another page at Live Casino Direct, in fact, so be sure to check that out if you’re hankering for a game based on the former rulers of Mexico City and the entire nation from coast to coast. We can tell you here that we dig on the Aztec Treasure progressive jackpot slot and the 5-reel Aztec Treasure. The 5-reels version is one of the more amazing slots graphically, with 3D animation and effects plus a sense of humor.

Win big with multipliers, wilds, multiple bonus rounds and much more and feel the power of the Aztecs once again before the invaders come…

Can I play Mexico-themed slots for free?

Yes, sir/ma’am! Don’t click away from this page and instead click on a game you like and start playing! The playing is free, safe and secure, with no downloads needed and no spamming of your computer.

Enter jungle territory with slots from the tropics of Mexico with Aztec slots and slots that honor Mexico and Mexican slots players.
Play slots like La Cucaracha with dancing cockroaches and maracas by Vegas Technology or give Playtech’s Azteca a try with a free spins game feature and all kinds of Aztec gold to win.