Slot games from India with spice, coins, and curry for all while playing online

Cash n Curry slot features Indian cuisine in a 3 reel, 1 payline classic slot machine where players can win up to 50,000 coins with a hold feature.
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Indian Slots featuring the colorful and interesting sites and tastes of India


Classic, pub fruit machines like Cash n Curry features chilies and curry in Cash n Curry slot game by Microgaming. Kathmandu slot features Indian temples with free spin rounds and wild prayer wheels. Play in a gamble feature and double or quadruple wins with Indian-flavored slots.

Despite this ancient land’s additions to and participation in world culture, India remains a bit of a mystery for most outsiders. And why not? This is a country of over 1 billion people with 22 official languages and over 1,600 other distinct spoken languages. Bollywood, the famed movie production capital where more movies are produced than any city other than you-know-what, exports just a tiny fraction of its movies internationally. Finally, travel costs from Europe or the Americas are just nuts and well out of the range of most folks.

Thus may India-themed slots come in handy. No matter which bit of India interests you most, an online slot on the sub-subgenre is here for the playing!

What slots are about Indian animals?

Probably the most famed animal native to the subcontinent is the Bengal tiger. This tremendous killing machine of a feline beast is the hero and mascot of the Tiger Treasures and Untamed Bengal Tiger slots, to name two pretty decent examples. Tiger Treasurers was one of the earlier “243 Ways to Win” games and is now a penny slot with true classic status (if not gameplay); Untamed Bengal Tiger is another in Microgaming’s “Untamed” slots series and so packs a wallop in special effects and payouts.

Why is India so bad at international sports in general?

Ah, that’s a great question. After all, here’s a multicultural country with one billion people, yet scarcely manage to win a single medal at most Olympic Games?

Space does not permit a reasonable answer here, but we will say this: India produces some all-time cricket players – that’s the one sport Indian folks are nuts about. Celebrate cricket – really a freakin’ awesome game; North Americans, you must scope this sport out, especially if you dig on baseball – in the humorous classic-style slot The Umpire Strikes Back and even the instant-win online scratch card game Bowled Over.

Any slots games about Indian food?

The staple of the Brit’s lifestyle and a treat for anyone else globally, Indian cuisine is most frequently the first experience an outsider has of Indian culture. So, yes, Indian restaurant-themed slots do exist; we love Cash ‘n’ Curry a retro-1990s slots game. This slot’s a 3-reel neo-classic slot with spicy stuff appearing all over the reels and bumping up the player’s marker on the trail feature, which pays out some fantastic prizes.

Are there any purely India-themed games?

Sure; give the Pearls of India slot a shot. Pearls of India is loaded with imagery of Hindu gods and local scenery alike (gods know why the game designers felt the inclusion of A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 was necessary, but whatevs). Good animation, cool soundtrack, but obviously the most noteworthy point is the outstanding 1 million-coin payout. They may call it 10 lakh coins, but no matter how one says it, the Pearls of India slot’s jackpot is *massive*.

Do I have to go to India to play India-themed slots?

No, man, no! That’s what online slots are all about – play in the comfort and convenience of your own home right here at Live Casino Direct!

Even India has a colorful collection of Indian-themed slots featuring Indian foods and sights and sounds of India.
Play in India-themed slots with cash n curry and even take a trip to Kathmandu.