Germans are clinking their steins for slots games with real money game play

German slots players may like to take note that they’ve been included on the slots world tour with German-themed games like Steinfest slot by Microgaming, Roll out the Barrels by Rival and Rapunzel by Real Time Gaming.
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Play in an interactive beer-drinking bonus round with Oktoberfest slots


Join the Oktoberfest in Germany with Steinfest slot by Microgaming and play in a beer chug bonus round and in Roll out the Barrels slot get served up coins for serving beer to thirsty patrons. Swallow it all down with typical German fare like sausage and sauerkraut, salty pretzels and more.

Here’s an understatement for you: Summarizing the totality of German culture for pop cultural purposes is pretty damn bizarre. Particularly if, like Basil Fawlty, you’re attempting not to mention the war…

When looking for potential themes for, likesay, slots games from Germany, where do casino software designers go first? Maybe Beethoven and Wagnerian opera…? Or international sport, a sphere in which Team Germany’s making waves in many games? Or maybe…?

Come on, now. Aren’t Germany-themed slots all about beer?

Welllllll, we have to admit, that is an easy go-to for online slots games. For the beery-minded slots players, we can recommend getting drunk on the Bierhaus slot, in which 80 free games may be won after a single spin, and there’s a cute barmaid. Oktoberfest is dedicated to the Bavarian party, featuring all the great elements of a wunderbar Oktoberfest with plenty of beer, mugs, bratwurst sausages and accordions. Oktoberfest also includes voluptuous bar babes and a personal progressive jackpot.

Or get blasted in the Roll out the Barrels penny slot, a 20-payliner chock full of jolly Germans drinking beer, sausage and pretzels. The comely beer slingers here launch the bonus round after they launch about zwei millionen fantasies. How about getting blotto on the Stein Fest slot. This one’s a 9-payline game with a $45,000 jackpot and – no joke – the “Beer Chug Bonus Round.” Oh, and some well-stacked beer slingers, too.

So are there any Germany slots not about beer?

Sure! Nurse that hangover out of you with sports slots like World Cup Heroes, including stars from Team Germany’s four titles. This slot’s definitely among the more notable of football-themed slots, and that’s saying quite a lot.

Meanwhile, in the world of international hockey, Germany is still something of an underdog among the serious competitors. Nevertheless, Team Germany makes the virtual international tournament in the very cool Ice Hockey slot. In this innovative slots game, choose two teams from among the world’s best (powerhouses such as Canada, Russia, the U.S., Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and good ol’ Deutschland) and marvel at “both ways pay” action. A good one.

What’s a great Germany-themed slot that hasn’t been done yet?

Easy. Someone needs to make a slot game based on the 1999 film Run Lola Run. You wouldn’t even need to have seen the film before. Obvious, really.

What about World War II-themed games?

I thought I warned you not to mention the war…

Ah, well. While cartoonish Nazis are easy fodder for B-grade action/adventure movies, slots games themed on World War II tend to focus on the allies’ side. Games like Pacific Attack and Battle of the Atlantic celebrate the Allies’ side of things. And in situations like this, we always recommend Bomber Girls, an idealized look at Rosie the Riveter’s gal pals, i.e. those (apparently incredibly sexy) ladies working the factories at home in America. Hot diggity dog!

How about a gratuitous Simpson quote about Germany?

“Ah, the Luftwaffe. The Washington Generals of the History Channel.”

Play German slots for those who are German or those who romantize it, especially that festival that everyone wants to partake in: Oktoberfest.
Win coins this year for Oktoberfest and leave the beer and hangover for someone else.