Canadian-themed slot games online for north of the border real money fun

Canuck slot games will blow your hair back much more than the Chinooks of Canada or The Bob & McKenzie show from the 1980s. Raise the stakes with Canadian-themed slots if you love Canada and the Great White North.
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Find Canadian themed varieties here and get a feel for the Maple leaf country

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A slot game called Northern Lights slot by Vegas Technology may be a bit north as north can be with Eskimos and all, but the slot has something that is unique to Canada and only a few other places in the world, the Aurora Borealis. Enjoy the dancing lights of the Northern Lights while you play for casino coins.

O Canada, you host so many casino games – well, sort of. As of this writing, Canadian provinces are still within the process of regulating internet gambling and the government-approved choices up north are rather limited and low-paying. On the other hand, one of the world’s largest (and, in our opinion, best) online casino software creators, Rival Gaming, calls Canada home; ironically, however, Rival-powered casino websites do not accept Canadian players.

On this particular page of Live Casino Direct, we present a few Canada-themed slots games (way too few, if you ask us) and links to casino websites accepting Canadian players.

What are Canada-themed slots?

Unlike Canada’s neighbors to the south (or, likesay, Ireland), few slots titles actually contain the word “Canada” or “Canadian” in them. So we’ll have to expand the theme a bit to incorporate certain aspects of Canadian life that are known and celebrated about The Great White North worldwide.

Thus in this genre, we’ll include those slots capturing the icy northern climes as well. Games like Ice Picks, with 25 free spins and a video bonus round included. Another to appreciate is the Untamed Wolf Pack slots game, another in Microgaming’s series of highly popular (and beautifully rendered) “Untamed” slots. Done up in cool icy blues and whites, Unamed Wolf Pack is packed with features to thaw the jaded slots player’s frozen heart: Start with the “243 Ways To Win” payouts and add in stacked wilds and “Lucky Nudges” and you’ve got a swell, let’s say, Canadian slots game.

We’d also mention Girls With Guns 2: Frozen Dawn, a tale of international espionage taking place in Canada, though presumably with American girls enjoying the kudos from their nation-saving adventuring. And speaking of adventuring, check out the adventures of the most well-known Canadian superhero in the world, namely James Howlett, a.k.a. Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine. The badass mutant occupies center stage even within a team, as seen in a couple of X-Men slots.

What about good hockey slots?

Ah yes, hockey: Canada’s mighty contribution to the sporting world. Though not quite as popular among casino game software designers’ fancies as soccer, at least a handful of hockey slots are certain to appeal to red-blooded Canadians and all sports fans among the slots players out there.

The Ice Hockey slot may be simply named, but, whoa, does this game dig deep to capture the action of international hockey. Choose your favorite from among seven international hockey squads (Russia, Canada, the U.S., Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany) and the opposition. Both-ways pays are in effect here, and a 10,000x bet jackpot win is worthy of The Great One himself.

Break Away is more of a purist’s look at hockey with no team logos or nationalities in evidence. What is included in this slot is all the familiar stuff one can catch at any level of hockey: There’s the faceoff, the referees and – you betcha! – the Zamboni. Stacked wilds and the “Smashing Wild Feature” are well worth the coinage. Unfortunately, Break Away is a Rival slots game, and Canadians know what that means: No access to this game from their country.

What’s Rival Gaming’s deal, anyway?

Rival Gaming is a publicly traded company and thus management feels obliged to play by certain international business rules. Companies located in the U.S. and U.K. met with similar conundrums in the 2000s when, for example, the Bush Administration updated U.S. gambling law; Canada followed suit in the middle of that decade with a similar law preventing transactions between online casinos and most financial institutions.

Rival tried to hang on in supplying Canadian players with their quality games, leaving their casino games accessible for a good 18 months after new laws took effect, but eventually the gaming company had to acquiesce. Worse yet for Rival, the company has been beaten to the punch in making deals with province-based government-approved intranet gambling sites in Quebec and elsewhere by upstart Amaya Gaming and so have lost further ground in the international market.

See, folks, it’s not necessarily Rival’s fault…

Far from your home in the Great White North? You don’t have to be far with slots featuring Canadian sights and sounds of Native American peoples and animals from Canada.
Play a funny animal slot called Lumber Cats by Microgaming with lumberjack cats and spin into the wild forests of Canada on your favorite Canadian slot game.