British online pub fruit machine slots are now as common as fish and chips in the UK

IGT now features a Monopoly slot with streets in London, and probably the most recent, popular UK slot release has been Microgaming’s The Lord of the Rings slot game.
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English and British-themed casino games, what royal casino players prefer


Play in royal-themed slots like Sir Winsalot by Microgaming or seek out a mystery with detective-themed British slots like London Inspector, Pink Panther, and Dr. Magoo’s Adventure 3D slot by Rival. Slot choices also include British themes with Robin Hood, The Lady of the Lake, Excalibur, Scrooge, Dr. Magoo, The Pink Panther and more.

Tell you what: We’ll refrain from any “jolly good”-type clichés in this writeup if you’ll just check out some of the Britain-themed slots we’ve got installed on this page. So many of these are fun and exciting plays that Britain may just be the winner among slots with a national theme. These guys are good…

Why are there so many British slots?

It’s got to be because so many Brits play casino games, right? As one of *the* great gambling cultures in Europe (can we still say/write that in a post-Brexit world?) and essentially anywhere, Britain – and to a lesser extent, the neighboring countries within the United Kingdom – celebrates casino games and casino games celebrate them.

The British penchant for gambling is readily observed whether you’re in the British Isles or looking from outside in via the internet: British gamblers are everywhere, and British slots remain incredibly popular.

What’s the most popular British slot?

Well, it’s got to be Avalon, hasn’t it? First launched in 2006, Avalon remains to this day in monthly lists of the top 20 most popular slots available. Loaded with symbols of English mythology including those key players King Arthur and The Lady of The Lake (you know, the watery tart who threw a sword and thus gave Arthur the opportunity to wield supreme executive power, as per the analysis of that great historian Monty Python), Avalon may be played as a penny slot and has a 3,000-coin jackpot payout.

Beyond the Avalon slot, incidentally, are other tales of King Arthur and his lot captured slots-style. Examples include Excalibur, Xcalibur, Treasures of King Arthur, Legends of Avalon, Arthur’s Quest and Arthur’s Quest II.

What other popular British characters appear in slots?

Quite a few, but the most popular are probably Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood. For depictions of the former, slots players can try London Inspector, Sherlock Mystery and/or the high-paying bonus round-padded Sherlock’s Reel Mystery. (Sadly, none of these include Benedict Cumberbatch’s immortal embodiment of the world-renowned detective.)

Players may also rob from the rich (the casinos) and give to the poor (themselves) with slots starring Robin Hood such as Sherwood Forest Fortunes, more than one slot named simply “Robin Hood, and Lady Robin Hood, just to name a few.

What slots are based on British TV shows?

Scads! Just off the top of our heads, we can suggest Blankety Blank (with its $200,000 jackpot payout), Carry On, Little Britain and the Monty Python slots – truthfully speaking, these slots are based on the amazing films put out by the comedy troupe, but if you’re going to split hairs, I’m going to piss off.

Is there a Doctor Who slots game?

Ha! If only! This could the biggest entertainment franchise not yet immortalized in a slots game, online or off-…

What about sport? Any British-themed sports slots?

Yes! England’s thriving sporting culture serves as theme for many an online slots game. Cricket Star celebrates the world’s longest-running ball game in Cricket Star (a slots game which includes a 105,000-coin jackpot payout), while Odd Shaped Balls does a kickass job with rugby. And the Beautiful Game (a.k.a. football, a.k.a. soccer) is all over the page within slots, very often featuring a British sensibility or even the national team. Great examples of British-style football slots are the World Cup Heroes series and the extensive “Top Trumps” series.

Cue “Liberty Bell”, as we’ll be toddling off now… Ta!

English-themed slots are numerous with an entire collection just on the Renaissance alone from King Arthur’s Hi Lo game to Excalibur and Avalon slots and many more.
UK themed slots are in no short supply from 3D slots to instant win cards all with British themes.