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3 maps of Australia and enter into Diamonds Down Under slots game bonus round where players get to choose 4 places on a map to dig up diamonds. Wash it all down with some lager and chuck a few boomerangs while you wait for that winning spin.
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Thematic slot games and casino games featuring Australian pokie play


Play Australian pokie machines in real play or in free mode with Rival’s Diamonds Down Under and unearth a few diamonds with a Crocodile Dundee character and a retrigger free spins feature.

Australia is said to be the no. 1 country in terms of both money spent and frequency played on casino games per capita. Naturally, slots (or, as the Australians would have it, “pokies”) play comprises much of both statistical categories and so it’s no surprise that the land Down Under has inspired so many Australia-themed slots.

Today, players can pick and choose from among Australian slots from all over the world. So you can’t afford an actual trip to Australia? Enjoy playing for free right here at Live Casino Direct!

What are some good Australia-themed slots?

We’ve got a few.

Beyond the general fascination with gambling, Australian culture is marked by a profound love of sports; Australia-themed slots reflect this obsession nicely. For example, check out Aussie Rules, a slot based on the odd gridiron game called Australian Rules Football (a bit of a halfway point between Gaelic Football and rugby). This slots game includes free spins, a video bonus round and all the eccentricities of this distinctly Oz-flavored game.

Joining Aussie Rules in the wide world of Australian sports slots is Odd Shaped Balls. First released in advance of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Odd Shaped Balls has stayed in online casinos since, wowing players with its capturing of all the elements of rugby action – not to mention a $100,000 jackpot payout. And it says here you’ve gotta love the voluptuous red-haired streaker appearing on one high-paying symbol.

For slightly more picturesque views of Australia – though we can’t blame you for stopping at the lovely rugby enthusiast of Odd Shaped Balls – try out Diamonds Down Under and Red Sands.

Diamonds Down Under sports the popular jewels-and-gems theme as well, but with that typical Australian flair. In this one, players can find kangaroos, crocodiles, boomerangs, and those famous tin can-sized cans of the Budweiser of Australia, Foster’s Lager (Australian for “cheap swill of a beer.”) Up to 100 free spins with bonus multiplier may be bagged in the bonus round.

Finally, there’s that Real Time Gaming mainstay, Red Sands. Celebrate the barren deserts of the island continent, with plentiful kangaroos and koalas abound all played against a background soundtrack featuring the didgeridoo. Plus, a random progressive jackpot!

Are online casinos accepting US players?

If you can read this page, you can play for real money at any of our partner casino websites you see linked on this or other pages of Live Casino Direct. All such casinos are approved for fair play and best business practices; all accept Australian players.

Why do Australians call slot machines “pokies,” anyway?

“Pokies” is short for “video poker machines,” and in Australia, game rooms are often filled with a mix of both. Back in the day, one supposes, video poker was well more popular than slot machines and thus the former rather than the latter became the default form of referencing thses casino games.

Two Aussie pokie games by Rival are available for instant play from those of us at LiveCasinoDirect. Play for real too, both US and Australian online casino players.
Kangaroos and koalas, alligators and lizards are all part of the Australian animal collection in Diamonds Down Under pokie game by Rival. Play with all your favorite Australian creatures and win up to 100 free spins with a 3x multiplier.