Play Cops & Robbers slots casino game and clean out the bank with cash

Tie up the reels and take these slot machines by force with Cops & Robbers themed games. It doesn't matter whether you hold a badge or wear a panty on your head, anyone can win and get out safe in the end.
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Cops & Robbers slot games -- action with the fuzz online

cops and robbers

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t the kind of girl who played Barbies in my free time. No, I was the kind of girl who liked playing Cops & Robbers. For those who like a little push and pull of authority versus rebelliousness to spice up the reels, keep the chase going with Cops & Robbers slots where playing means much of the same spirit. Where good guys and bad guys don’t run these streets, you do, that is, if you’re slots smart enough to win.

Bad boys, bad boys, whatchu gonna do / whatchu gonna do when they come for you? Hopefully cash in on a massive jackpot at the online casino! Playing cops & robbers-themed slots is one area in which both sides of the law are within your legal limits of fun and excitement!

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Certainly not us, because cops and robbers-themed slot might just prove lucrative to the lucky slot player. An amusing diversion in entertainment since at least the days of cinema’s Keystone Kops, wacky law enforcement officials meet cunning criminals – or sometimes the other way around – in these slots and new titles in the subgenre are added monthly.

What’s in a cops-and-robbers slots game?

When playing cops-and-robbers themed slot games online, the player might encounter simple thieves, Mafiosi or even a superhero. (Hello, Robocop!) Some titles let you be the bad guy as you divest a bank of its money, while others want you to be the good citizen and bust those criminal types. No matter which side of the law you may side with in these tales of riches and ill-begotten gains, you’re certain to find an amusing game within cops-and-robbers themed online slots.

What are some recommended cops-and-robbers themed slots?

Of particular note here is the clever and intricate A Night in Paris, definitely one for online slot fans to check out; this slot’s actually a crossover between cops-and-robbers and 3D slots games.

The Jack Hammer series from Microgaming is pretty good. These games pit our intrepid superhero-type (think of a combination of Batman, Dick Tracy and the Shadow and you’re in the ballpark) against nefarious evildoers in four-color comic book land.

Whospunit is a riff on Clue-style board games and thus is more of a “cops & Murderers”-themed slot game. This slot somewhat grammatically questionably challenges the player to “spin [his or her] way to finding clues to solving the mystery,” slots-style.

Gentleman Thief retells a classic tale of the sauve burglar who charms sleeping ladies while robbing them of their baubles.

Scoop the Cash invites players to do just that with cartoony figures looking to bag big (slightly less-than-legal) bucks while on the lam. On the lam with impressive gams, meanwhile, are the British babes of Foxy Robbers; you may not care if you lose while checking out thse sleek hotties.

And for fans of the caper flick, check out The Casino Job, which recalls big-budget flicks like Ocean’s Eleven in detailing a high-level heist at – yep – a Las Vegas casino. The aptly-named Heist and Reel Steal by Net Entertainment are along these lines as well.

Any other words of wisdom?

“Son, you’ve got a panty on your head,” as the scene from Raising Arizona goes while Nicholas Cage is off robbing service station stores while his wife plays in the car with her kidnapped baby. Whether you like to hit a Stop-n-Go or tow the line, slots aren’t partial to who you are or who you ain’t, the random number generator isn’t judging, it only pays.

Rather than carry a weapon or risk a prison sentence, you may want to check out Cops & Robbers slots where spinning is a lot less risky if you are looking to beat the RNG or be the one to take it hostage.
Check back for new Cop & Robber slots to come.