Play superhero beyond DC and Marvel in these themed online slots

Play a superhero-themed online slot game outside the mainstream, as casino software producers have set to creating brand new characters to populate their latest slots. Apparently, the comic book milieu no longer even needs the comic book itself to proliferate these days...
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Superhero-themed slots – Casino games based on original storylines

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Not every software producer can draw (so to speak) from the franchise-level superheroic characters produced by comic book giants DC and Marvel; so what’s a big-name online casino software producer to do? Create its own superhero universe, of course, replete with back story, bad guys and comic-book style graphics. Some of these may top games immortalizing the all-time legends, so get out there and save the Earth, online slots-style!

Superhero mythology has become so pervasive (read: profitable) in international pop culture that essentially no medium of entertainment is free of the metahuman influence, whether based on an old reliable like Superman or the X-Men, a parody of well-worn comic book tropes or simply a new concept in pulp adventuring.

Without an expensive license to the rights of some of comicdom’s heaviest hitters (i.e. those iconic characters owned by the dominant duopoly of DC and Marvel Comics), some casino software creators have turned to creating original characters with full-on back stories to animate the reels of new online slots.

Why should I play a slots game with a superhero no one’s ever heard of?

Hey, now, no so fast. Just because a given hero isn’t in Team Iron Man or Team Batman doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be getting a low-rate knockoff. Check out the Hellboy slot, for example; this one’s based on the surprising hit film which in turn was based on an honest-to-Kirby independent comic book title.

Beyond catching a rarity like Hellboy, we’d say that the ruth is some of the internet’s biggest casingo game software creators design their own original superheoroes and load these slots with bonus rounds and big payouts.

What are some good superhero slots?

We dig on the Jack Hammer slots series by Microgaming. Not only did the big company produce and interesting character, these slots are a love note to comic-strip lore with their four-color predominant designs, square-jawed hero and line-art graphics.

Captain Scarlet is based on an extant franchise, though perhaps one not many have heard of: You’ll have to go back into British broadcasting history to find this Cap’n, as his series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterions was on telly back in 1967 and ’68. Forty episodes of the puppet(!)-starring show were produced and ultimately distributed to over 40 countries. The show was revived in 2005 as Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet, but this registered nary a blip on the pop-culture radar.

In any case, the Captain Scarlet slots game is an exciting slot machine which includes extra symbols and the “Mysterious Retro-Metabolism” bonus round. Nice.

The seriously generically named Super Heroes slot is also interesting in its creation of an entire mythical superhero universe and is fun to play, but only a free spins round Is in play as a bonus.

What’s the worst superhero slots game?

Wellllllll, the Cryptologic DC slots of the late 1990s were super primitive and ultra-dull, but happily these have been rebooted as more modern-style (and playable) slots. That leaves Goldenman, and absolutely shameless rip-off of Tony Stark’s Iron Man character. The game itself isn’t that bad, we suppose; after all, there is an exciting video bonus round, but sheesh, this game is the very definition of knockoff. What a waste of software development…next time, try making something original, eh?

What you’ve never heard of superdudes like Evil Dr. Wuten, Captain Scarlet and Goldenman? Time to bone up on some original creations in superhero-themed online slots; see above for some interesting examples of games with metahumans you may never have heard of.
Taking to the skies with original superhero-themed slots at online casinos