Great Caesar’s Ghost! DC Comics coming to play at top online casinos

Those icons of American pulp culture, Superman and Batman, lead a massive roster of household and near-household names now playing at internet casinos. DC Comics’ biggest and best have been reproduced in online slots versions. How else are you going to engage in a battle of metahumans for as little as 1¢ per payline?
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DC Comics slots – Superhero-themed online casino games for real money


DC Comics were the ones who got everything started in the now cinema-dominating superhero genre back in 1938 with Action Comics #1, and today own the rights to full-on American icons such as Superman and Batman. Naturally, the presence of such characters could not be kept out of the online casino milieu – check out internet slot titles such those featuring the two big guys, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and more.

DC Comics is the original comic book creator and for nearly 75 years know has infused all of world culture with its dominant creations Superman and Batman. The rich, layered mythology of this three-quarters of a century has been the playground for the likes of Frank Miller (now most known for his Sin City and Robocop work), Neil Gaiman (now most known for simply being awesome in lotsa genres) and Alan Moore (who is a comic book god) to name far too few.

Naturally, a huge stable which also includes names like Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and the Justice League is easy fodder for superhero-themed slots in the online casino. Awful run of movies aside.

Which DC superhero has the most games?

This can’t be a serious question. Clearly, it’s Batman – *and* the Tim Burton-directed movies of the late 1980s/early 90s haven’t even gotten the slots treatment.

Firstly, the simply named Batman slot delves into the general mythos of the character, with a cast of symbols starring the Joker, Commissioner Gordon and ol’ Bats himself. And damn if that “Descetn into Madness” video bonus feature isn’t amazingly hardcore. Fans of comic books and slots need look no further.

The Dark Knight Rises slot is unfortunately the only Batman slots games based on Christopher Nolan’s beloved trilogy of Christian Bale-starring Dark Knight films. The original has faded into mist, and the second game in the trilogy was pulled after a few months of release as well. Nevertheless, Dark Knight Rises is a BIG slots game with video clips from the movie included.

Also of note is the knockoff Dark Joker Rizes. So pervasive is this character in our culture that you can slap together some fruit machine symbols with a malevolent-looking jester icon and back the gameplay with a distinctly Danny Elfman-sounding soundtrack. It’s a pretty good play, too.

Why is Batman so popular?

Because he’s Batman!

So what other DC Comic superheroes get slots?

Wonder Woman! Cryptologic redid their slots games based on the DC gang and good ol’ Princess Diana of the Amazons received perhaps the nicest upgrade – in anticipation of the 2017 movie, one supposes. Defeat the God of War his bad self in the Ares Showdown bonus round, where you take down Mars and his cronies.

Green Lantern! The Hal Jordan version of everyone’s favorite space cop (more or less) from Sector 2814 is waged in eternal war on the slots reels with Sinestro, the antithetical yellow lantern of coic-book lore. The awesomeness stacked with stacked wilds and continues into a sweet video bonus round.

The Flash! The Flash: Velocity captures the Scarlet Speedster’s, well, speed, as he cleans up Central City over 50 paylines. Check out three different kinds of wild symbol – standard wilds, “roaming” wilds (Hey, the man can move quick enough to bust the time barrier, so hey) and expanding wilds – and a 10,000x jackpot payout in this one.

And, of course, up in the sky! It’s a keno card! It’s a betting slip! It’s Superman! The father of ‘em all is, alas, a tad disappointing in this one (sound familiar, cinema goers?), which is rather limited in most areas of game play. The rush to capture Lex Luthor is fun enough, but really any of the other Cryptologic reboots beats this one.

So why are DC superhero movies so bad in the post-Bale era?

I blame it on Zach Snyder. No question.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are among the superheroic names now available to team up with at the online casino in high-tech slot games. We don’t know if there is justice at the online casino, but there is certainly a Justice League...
Taking on the otherworldly bad guys with DC Comics heroes at online casinos