These Super Heroes like to flex for slots and super powers for real money

Play in progressive jackpots while playing Marvel slots like Blade, X-Men, and The Punisher for pumped-up, heroic amounts of cash. Win with Super Hero-themed slots in one of three, multi-million dollar Marvel progressive jackpot pools.
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Superhero-themed slots: Superman, X-Men, Spiderman and more

Super heroes

Play Super Hero scratch cards online with Microgaming and a collection of comic-book characters in Super Zeroes Scratch Card. Hellboy slot, another Marvel, Microgaming Super Hero game has sharp graphic design and imagery. Playtech features Marvel slots as well and The Incredible Hulk is one of their better Super Hero slots. Iron Man comes in next along with X-Men slot and Blade.

Additional game themes to refine your choice

Superheroes are no longer the bastion of comic books or the silliness/melodrama of 1970s TV (i.e. Batman, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk). Thanks to a tectonic shift in Hollywood in the 21st century, superheroes have leapt, flown or swam from the newspaper comic strips (remember them?) into screamingly big cinema-sized action!!!

How bizarre for a child of the 1980s to see mainstream audiences watching and discussing not only Batman and Superman, but obscure dudes like Ant Man and Doctor Strange! And how nuts the proliferation of superhero-themed slots games in online casinos!

All the major slot gaming creators have kept us in mind with slots featuring characters from Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics and more – even original creations of casino software designers are getting their day.

Whose heroes have better slots, DC or Marvel?

The conventional wisdom seems to be Marvel kills it at the movies, DC rules in animated TV, and traditional TV series, it’s a tie.

In slots, before the boom of superhero franchising, DC Comics had a jump on Marvel, simply dude to the name recognition of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman; these heroes do not require a major entertainment tie-in to be the subject of games or paraphernalia. Early online slots featuring these charcters were released by Cryptologic.

But, as in the movie sphere itself, once Marvel Studios got the ball rolling on its characters with the release of Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr., Marvel Comics made a splash in the online slots world. The company licensed their characters to Playtech, who first put out a series of a half-dozen titles or so that were tied in to the Marvel Comics Superhero Progressive Jackpot.

Warner Bros. and DC responded by producing through Microgaming a trilogy of slots games based on the über-successful “Dark Knight” threesome of films. These were perhaps the biggest-budget slots ever produced to that time and featured lotsa clips from the beloved batflicks. And while seemingly no further titles will be added to the Marvel progressive slots line, we can’t imagine too many folks are clamoring for a Batman v Superman slots game.

So we’ll wuss out and call it a tie.

Are there any non-DC and -Marvel superhero slots?

Sure! An independent title or two gets its day, such as the surprisingly successful Hellboy and Kick Ass. Beyond this, some software designers have created brand new characters such as the Alpha Squad and Jack Hammer, star of two Microgaming slots. We’ve also got a game called Goldenman, but one look’ll tell you this is a cheesy Iron Man knockoff.

Win online slots with comic-book characters by Marvel like in Iron Man slot and The Incredible Hulk slot. X-Men and characters from Blade are all part of the gang too.
Although we don’t hear about her too often, Wonder Woman comes to the reels in Wonder Woman slot by Cryptologic, another in a series of Marvel created slots.